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Rotonda Volvo (Puerto de Alicante)
About the car park
HOW IT WORKS: This is a valet parking service. Drive to the pick-up point at the address indicated on your booking and the valet parking company staff will pick up your vehicle and take it to a nearby public car park. It will remain there until you ask for it to be returned. Watch out! This is just the meeting point with the driver who will collect your vehicle :) Parking in Alicante is much better if you don't have to do it yourself! We would like to introduce this car park for taking cruises from the Alicante Port. If you book at the "Parking10 - Valet - Puerto Alicante - Cubierto" car park, you can enjoy its great valet service at the Alicante Port. In addition, by saving time, you can enjoy a good meal at one of the restaurants at the Alicante Port. The procedure for this covered car park is fairly simple: on the day of your reservation, call the car park one hour in advance, head to the Volvo roundabout at the Alicante Port and the driver will be waiting to take your car to the car park. Easy-peasy! Upon your return, the procedure is similar: call the car park 20 minutes beforehand to request the return of your car. When you arrive, the driver will be waiting for you to hand over the keys, so you can go home. If you want your car to shine, request the car wash service (paid directly to the driver). Other big benefits are that this car park is open 24 hours and has a charger for electric cars... it has everything! Choose the "Parking10 - Valet - Puerto Alicante - Cubierto" car park and you'll have a car park with valet service, 24-hour operating hours, a charger for electric cars and a car wash service. ;) At this car park, you must leave your car keys with the staff.Read less
Car park hours
monday to sunday 05:00 - 01:00
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Rotonda Volvo (Puerto de Alicante)