The second largest city in Spain is not the easiest to travel around with your car during peak hours. In Barcelona there are more than 1,600,000 people who live there, which added to the people who live in the vicinity and work in the capital of Catalonia can get up to around three million people a day, so do not expect to find deserted streets waiting for you.
On the other hand, you also have to be careful with the date you choose to visit it. In summer, the influx of tourism is huge and not only will it be difficult to move along with the pavements of Barcelona, ​​but finding a parking space for your car will be even more difficult.

Parking in Barcelona

The vast majority of the streets of Barcelona have divided their parking spaces into the Blue Zone and Green Zone:
Blue Zone: You can leave your car parked, for a payment, for up to four hours, where in the case that you want to continue parking your car, you will have to move it. They are designed to favour shopping areas and with the aim of parking and after a while, leaving your space for someone else. It is divided into four zones (A, B, C and D), each with a different rate.
Green Zone: These areas are designed for residents, who have a pass and pay around 5 euros per month, they can park in the green area that corresponds to their home. For the rest of the people the price of parking here is higher than in the blue zone, and also they can only park for two hours’ maximum, with the aim of leaving these places free for residents who pay their fees.
If you do not meet the specified time, your car can be towed away and you will also have to pay a fine. You can find yourself in the same situation if you do not pay to leave your car in any of these two areas.
For that reason, in Parclick, and also with the objective that you do not have to complicate things, we give you the possibility of leaving your car in the parking lot that you prefer. Do you think we are saying one thing but meaning another? You can take a look at our interactive map and dive around Barcelona in search of the cheapest parking space in the area that best suits you and then evaluate what is more rewarding for you: do you move your car a lot and have to be aware of whether you park in blue or green OR book your space before arriving? Do you know how much you are going to pay and for how long your car will be parked, why don´t YOU decide and be sure that it will be well guarded? Your decision, we make it easy for you to take it.

What to do in Barcelona

Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the most attractive Spanish cities. We can find places that you can not miss, such as La Sagrada Familia, the beaches and the attractiveness of La Barceloneta, the Camp Nou Barcelona Football Club stadium…but Barcelona is much more. It's art, it's culture, it's huge, it's nice, it's different and it's one of the most global and multicultural European cities.
Although the summaries can never tell you everything, if you need a quick summary of Barcelona, going for a walk on Las Ramblas is without a doubt the best way to get to know a bit of the soul of Barcelona. A very modernist soul, where, in addition to the Sagrada Familia, you can see an important influence of daring architects in buildings such as Casa Fuster, Casa Batlló or La Pedrera. In addition, it is a theme taken to the extreme in the Parc Güell, where you will enjoy a nice walk.
But if you want to experience art, you can also go to the Poliorama Theatre, the National Theatre of Catalonia or the Gran Teatro del Liceo. You can also enjoy a night in the Razzmatazz nightclub or explore the nightlife in different Barcelona neighbourhoods such as the Centre, Eixample, Les Corts or the Ciutat Vella.
You have a thousand plans to make and a thousand places to see and we could fill thousands of pages to tell you everything. What we have done in Parclick is that we´ve put at your disposal 189 car parks in Barcelona, ​​where you can park your car for as long as you want. In addition, you will only have to make an online reservation that will take you about two minutes.
Avoid all the traffic problems of a city as busy as Barcelona and make the most of only the good parts of Barcelona. Simply reserve your parking space with Parclick.

Other places in Barcelona