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Parcheggio Aeroporto Firenze - Stazione Santa Maria Novella

Via del Motrone, 48
About the car park
Don't let the name fool you, the Parcheggio Aeroporto Firenze offers an excellent free shuttle service to the Santa Maria Novella train station! If you're going to catch the train, or if you just need to park near the Santa Maria Novella train station, park here so that you don't have to enter the centre and the limited transit area to find a parking space. You'll be able to arrive directly with your vehicle to the Parcheggio Aeroporto Firenze, situated on Via Motrono, and after you've parked, a free shuttle will take you to the Santa Maria Novella train station in just 10 minutes. Perfetto! For the easiest option, chose the Parcheggio Aeroporto Firenze, so you can take advantage of the low prices, which allow you to park any type of vehicle, from four by fours to motorbikes, as it accepts lorries, vans and caravans, as well as regular cars, of course! It's a completely open-air car park, but it's totally safe thanks to its CCTV surveillance system. Does your train leave in the middle of the night? No problem! The Parcheggio Aeroporto Firenze – Stazione Santa Maria Novella is open 24 hors-a-day, as is the shuttle to take you to the station! So this is a great value option, it will keep your car safe and saves you a lot of stress!Read less
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Open 24 hours a day
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Via del Motrone 48