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    Autorimessa Granaldi - Sampierdarena

    Covered (2.4m)
    11 min (662m)

    Parcheggio Genova Principe

    25 min (1.5km)

    Genova Park-On - Car Valet - Stazione Principe

    30 min (1.8km)

    Genova Park-On - Car Valet - Porto Antico

    Covered (3m)
    38 min (2.3km)

    Dano Park

    Covered (3m)
    55 min (3.3km)

    Autopark Albanese - Stazione Genova Brignole

    Covered (2.6m)
    59 min (3.5km)

    Montegrappa Garage - Brignole

    Covered (3.5m)
    +60 min (3.9km)

Genova Park-ON - Sampierdarena

Via San Bartolomeo del Fossato, 10/a R
About the car park
HOW IT WORKS: This is a valet parking service. Drive to the drop-off point at the address indicated on your reservation and the valet company staff will take charge of your vehicle, taking it to be parked in their guarded car park in the outskirts of Genoa, where it will remain until you ask for it to be returned. Remember! This is just the meeting point where the driver will collect your vehicle :) Not all roads lead to the Genova Park-ON - Sampierdarena car park (which is easy to find from the Autostrada dei Giovi and Via Cantore street), but the Genova Park-ON - Sampierdarena car park can certainly take you to all the destinations...from Genoa! We haven't gone mad, it's just that this Genoa car park not only offers you the opportunity to park near Villa Scassi or La Lanterna, but also offers you a handy shuttle service which is personalised and free of charge, with which you can reach the centre and all the main points of interest of Genoa. In addition, less than a 10-minute walk from this car park in the Sampierdarena neighbourhood, you will find the Villa Scassi Hospital and the Via di Francia Station, in case you need to catch a train and leave the city for a few days. In the Genova Park-ON - Sampierdarena car park you can leave your car parked for as long as you want, and we're not only talking about cars, but also motorcycles and vans too, and all for very cheap rates. Seeing is believing ;) At this car park, you must leave your car keys with us.Read less
Car park hours
monday to sunday 09:00 - 19:00
Car park entrance

Via San Bartolomeo del Fossato 10