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Genova Park-On - Car Valet - Stazione Principe

Piazza Acquaverde, 17
About the car park
HOW IT WORKS: This is a valet parking service. Drive to the drop-off point at the address indicated on your reservation and the valet company staff will take charge of your vehicle, taking it to be parked in their guarded car park in the outskirts of Genoa, where it will remain until you ask for it to be returned. Remember! This is just the meeting point where the driver will collect your vehicle :) Finding parking in the Porto Antico area of Genoa is something you should consider to start your journey without wasting a minute of your time. Imagine arriving to your destination by car and then having someone park it for you, without having to find a parking space in Genoa. Now this is possible with the Genova Park-On Car Valet - Stazione valet service. If you've gone blank and can't think what valet parking is, we'll explain to you: you book your parking space and before you arrive at the meeting point, you call the car park so a Park-ON operator can come and take your car to a covered and guarded car park less than ten minutes from the meeting point. Once your car is in safe hands, the only thing you have to do is start your touristic visit of Genoa. If you don't know where to go, keep calm, we can give you some ideas. The good thing about parking near the Genova Piazza Principe railway station (the meeting point in this case) is that you have the Port of Genoa zone just 7 minutes away on foot. Once there, you must visit the Galata Museo del Mare muesum, the Aquarium of Genoa, the Neptune ship and the Museo Luzzati art museum. Also, another reason to reserve your parking space with Genova Park-On Car Valet - Stazione is that it's just next to the Genova Piazza Principe railway station, so it's great if you're travelling by train to other places in the country and don't know what to do with your car. All aboard! It's time to explore the Port of Genoa!Read less
Car park hours
monday to sunday 05:00 - 00:00
Check-in hours
monday 07:30 - 21:00
tuesday to sunday 07:30 - 00:00
How to enter?

BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL: 30 minutes before, call the number +393409244894 or +393771118439 to agree on the arrival time (and meeting point) with the car park staff.

UPON YOUR ARRIVAL: Drive to the meeting point agreed with the car park staff. You will find the valet driver at the agreed meeting point. Tell the valet driver the number of your Parclick reservation. The valet driver will ask you for the keys to your vehicle and will take it to the car park for you.

UPON YOUR RETURN: When you pick up your luggage, call the number +393409244894 or +393771118439 to have the valet driver bring your vehicle back. The car park staff will deliver your vehicle at the agreed time and place.

Car park entrance

Piazza Acquaverde 17-18