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Blauwhondstraat, 24, 2800. Mechelen, Belgique.
About the car park
Are you looking for a car park in the centre of Mechelen? A car park surrounded by activities? Look no further because we have the right car park for you: the Indigo Centerparking car park. You won't find a better car park than this one! Not only is this public car park ideally located at Blauwhondstraat 24, 2800 Mechelen, it is also indoor, supervised and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Would you like to have lunch or dinner in the neighbourhood? You will find what you are looking for! The Centerparking car park area is full of restaurants. Park your car safely and enjoy your day or evening! If you are less familiar with the area, we recommend the following restaurants: Daily Bread (IJzerenleen 35, 2800 Mechelen), Ellis Gourmet Burger (IJzerenleen 10, 2800 Mechelen), Basic Italian (Bruul 8), Den Beer (Grote Markt 32, 2800 Mechelen), O'Fiach's (Grote Markt 24, 2800 Mechelen), Vanderbeek (Steenweg 36, 2800 Mechelen), the restaurant Neuhaus Mechelen (Grote Markt 39, 2800 Mechelen), the Artista (Begijnenstraat 5, 2800 Mechelen), the Panos (Bruul 62, 2800 Mechelen), the restaurant Noen (Leermarkt 24, 2800 Mechelen), the Sister Bean (Vismarkt 26, 2800 Mechelen) or the restaurant SAVA (Grote Markt 13, 2800 Mechelen). All these addresses are only a few minutes walk from the Indigo Centre Parking car park. If you would like to have a drink, you can meet near the Center Parking car park at the Barramundo Lounge (Steenweg 2, 2800 Mechelen), the KUUB (Minderbroedersgang 3A, 2800 Mechelen), the Bar Popular (Vismarkt 1, 2800 Mechelen), or the Bar Marie (Stationsstraat 55, 2800 Mechelen)! :) If you are passing through the city and are staying in the centre of Mechelen and in one of the following hotels : Hotel Mercure Mechelen Vé (Vismarkt 14, 2800 Mechelen), Kartuizer centre (Begijnenstraat 22), Vixx Hotel (Muntstraat 11, 2800 Mechelen), B&B De Groene Maan (Rik Woutersstraat 19, 2800 Mechelen), Holiday Inn Express Mechelen City Centre (Veemarkt 37C, 2800 Mechelen), Hotel NH Mechelen (Korenmarkt 22/24, 2800 Mechelen), Martin's Patershof (Karmelietenstraat 4, 2800 Mechelen) or Best Western Gulden Anker (Ridder Dessainlaan 2, 2800 Mechelen), reserve your parking space in advance in the Indigo centreparking car park with Parclick and make sure you leave your car safely throughout your stay. If you need to do some shopping, you will find a Match (Adegemstraat 32, 2800 Mechelen), a large supermarket, a few metres from the Centerparking car park. For those who like to shop, there are many shops like ZARA (Bruul 67, 2800 Mechelen) Pacific Boardshop (Bruul 79, 2800 Mechelen), Maes Jan (Bruul 85, 2800 Mechelen), or C&A (Botermarkt 3, 2800 Mechelen) near the Center Parking of Mechelen. If you have come to Mechelen as a tourist, you can leave your car in the Centerparking car park and enjoy all the activities you can do on foot: the Visit of Mechelen (Vleeshouwersstraat 6, 2800 Mechelen), the Grote Markt, the Klapgat, the Refugie van de Abdij van Sint-Truiden (Schoutetstraat 3, 2800 Mechelen) or the Kazerne Dossin - Memorial (Goswin de Stassartstraat 153, 2800 Mechelen). Finally, from the Centerparking car park you can quickly reach the Caputsteenpark (Caputsteenstraat 40, 2800 Mechelen) and the Populierenpark. Don't wait any longer and reserve your parking space in the Center Parking Indigo in Mechelen with Parclick! :)Read less
Car park hours
Open 24 hours a day
Car park entrance

Blauwhondstraat 24

Pedestrian entrances

Blauwhondstraat 2 - 2800 Mechelen