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Park&Trip Aéroport - Bâle-Mulhouse - Service Voiturier

Aéroport Bâle-Mulhouse, Saint-Louis, France, 68730. Saint-Louis, France.
About the car park
This car park offers a valet service at Bale Mulhouse-Friburgo Airport (BSL/MLH/EAP). How does it work? Simply drive straight to the Departures terminal, where a professional driver will collect your car and drive it to a guarded car park close to the airport. You will save yourself a lot of time, now that you won't have to search all over for a car park and then take a shuttle up to the terminal. Park&Trip – Bale-Mulhouse – Service Voiturier is an open air and guarded car park, just a few minutes from the airport. Great for anyone in a rush or those who are spending a considerable amount of time away, they have some special rates for long-term stays. There are a couple of other services, if you are willing to pay a little extra. They have a car wash and can also service your car. Although it is in France, Bale-Mulhouse serves three cities; Basel (Switzerland), Freiburg (Germany) and Mulhouse (France). You can get there from the A35 motorway from Switzerland or Mulhouse. If you are coming from Freiburg, you can use the A5 from the German side, cross the River Rhine and follow the D105 in the direction of the airport.Read less
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Vehicle pick-up service from the airport

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