Car park in Hafenstraße, 62 - 58153. Münster, Germany

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Got a train to catch from Münster central train station? Probably going to grab a coffee as well? Maybe even a cheeky croissant? Well! It sounds like you’re looking after yourself, doesn’t it! Now, what about your car? You’ve already sorted arrangements for it, surely….? No? Well, we hope that you weren’t just going to turn up and play it all by chance. Here at Parclick, we offer you a great option to park near this train station and it goes by the name of the Hafenstrasse Parkplatz car park!

If you did GCSE German, you may even be able to guess something else that this car park is near to… no, not the library, nor the airport, nor your best friend’s house, but the habour! This is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat, have a drink, do a bit of shopping, see some art or even go to the theatre - yep, it’s got it all! The harbour was completely modernised in the 1990s turning it into a place for the cool cats, so go and check it out! It’s just a 20 minute walk away from the Hafenstrasse Parkplatz car park!

Coming on business? Maybe you’ve got a conference at the Messe und Congresszentrum? Well here you’ll only be there in just 10 minutes after having parked! Afterwards, fancy to kick back and relax, well how about the latest Hollywood blockbuster? We’re thinking popcorn, nachos, a big fizzy drink? Well, the CINEPLEX complex is just a stroll away from the Hafenstrasse Parkplatz car park!

Whatever your reasoning for coming to Münster, parking at the Hafenstrasse Parkplatz car park is a great option, plus check out it’s amazing prices. Book now!

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  • Hafenstraße 62

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