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Car park in R. do Barreiro 573 - 4470. Porto, Portugal


Car park in Porto located on the Rua do Barreiro, just 100 meters from the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport. The Parking4you - Aeroporto Porto LOWCOST car park is perfect if you have to use the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, because it has easy, walking access to the terminal. Another reason for using the Parking4you - Aeroporto Porto LOWCOST car park is that it’s open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, so you won’t have any trouble whenever your flight may be, because the car park is always open. If that weren’t enough, the Parking4you - Aeroporto Porto LOWCOST car park always has a staff member at your service, as well as constant video surveillance, so that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about your car, which will be safe in a completely enclosed car park, where cars are only handled by professionals. The Parking4you - Aeroporto Porto LOWCOST car park is the best offering for its quality and price that you’ll find on the market, and it only costs 4€! (per day). Also, for an additional cost of 4€ (2€ for drop-off / pick-up), the Parking4you - Aeroporto Porto LOWCOST car park offers a Premium service that consists of dropping-off and picking-up your car at your terminal, for easier and faster service. Also, they offer car washing and vacuum services at their facilities. The Parking4you - Aeroporto Porto LOWCOST car park is easily accessible if you’re coming from Avenida Mário Brito, Avenida do Aeroporto 241 or the N107.

Please mind you need to leave the car keys with us.

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Car park entrance

  • Rua do Barreiro 583

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Available 24 hours a day

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