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Gare Prairie

Rue de la Prairie,
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Car park in Rambouillet, near the Rambouillet train station. The Gare Prairie car park has an ideal location if you’re looking for parking near the Rambouillet station. In fact, it’s located a few minutes from the station, which is in front of the Place Fernand Prud’homme. This car park in Rambouillet is on Rue de la Prairie. You can easily arrive by taking Rue de la Louvière. This monitored car park in Rambouillet is also appealing for parking near the Lycée Sainte-Thérèse and the CIO of Rambouillet. On the other hand, the Gare Prairie car park is found about twelve minutes from Rondeau, and fifteen minutes walking from the General Hospital of Rambouillet. Also, you can walk to the Le Rambolitrain Museum, Church of Saint-Lubin-de-Rambouillet and La Chéraille. La Chéraille is a space that can be rented for an event, like a wedding, only a 5-minute walk from this car park in Rambouillet. Also, from the Gare Prairie car park, you can get to the pool known as the Piscine des Fontaines, the Nautical Club of Rambouillet and the Vieux-Moulin Stadium (these places are located just south of the car park), not to mention the Rambouillet Castle, which is located about fifteen minutes from the Gare Prairie car park, near the Town Hall. This car park in downtown Rambouillet is ideal if you’re looking for a monitored car park or handicapped parking near the Rambouillet train station. Also, the Gare Prairie car park is open 24 hours a day. It’s the most convenient car park for taking a train from the Rambouillet station!Read less
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Rue de la Prairie 6