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Gare de Rennes ECTOR - Service Voiturier

Gare de Rennes, 19 rue de Châtillon
About the car park
Do you think you have better things to do than go around for hours looking for somewhere to park? We thought so! Luckily thanks to the valet service offered by ECTOR, wasting your time looking for somewhere to park is a thing of the past, well at least at Rennes station ;) You just need to go straight to the Rennes station, to the momentary stopping area ("dépose-minute") on the Rue de Châtillon, and a professional driver will take your car in a covered and monitored car park. It's practical, fast, and reliable.   When you come back, the same process again but the other way around, the parking staff will be waiting for you at the same place to give your car back. Pretty great, right? At this car park, you must leave your car keys.Read less
Car park hours
monday to sunday 06:00 - 23:30
Car park entrance

19, rue de Châtillon