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    Parking Esedra - Roma Termini

    Covered (2.7m)
    6 min (343m)
    Price for 1 hour

    MUOVIAMO Roma Termini

    Covered (3m)
    7 min (404m)
    Price for 1 hour

    Royal - Stazione di Roma Termini

    Covered (1.56m)
    8 min (470m)
    Price for 1 hour

    MUOVIAMO Abruzzi

    Covered (2.1m)
    9 min (537m)
    Price for 1 hour

    MUOVIAMO Sardegna

    Covered (2.2m)
    11 min (677m)
    Price for 1 hour

    MUOVIAMO Veneto

    Covered (2.2m)
    11 min (677m)
    Price for 1 hour

    MUOVIAMO Pinciano

    Covered (3m)
    11 min (678m)
    Price for 1 hour

    MUOVIAMO - Car Valet - Stazione Termini

    Outdoor (3m)
    12 min (723m)
    Price for 12 hours

    Garage Termini

    Covered (3m)
    13 min (788m)
    Price for 1 hour

    Autorimessa Castro Pretorio

    Covered (3m)
    14 min (846m)
    Price for 1 hour

    Villa Borghese SABA

    Covered (2.1m)
    16 min (933m)
    Parclick price 1 day
    23 €

    MONDIAL Macro

    Covered (2m)
    18 min (1.1km)
    Price for 1 hour

    Parking Sant'Agata

    20 min (1.2km)
    Price for 1 hour

    MUOVIAMO Parioli

    Covered (2m)
    21 min (1.2km)
    Price for 3 hours


    Covered (2m)
    21 min (1.3km)
    Price for 1 hour

    Parking Colonna

    Covered (2.1m)
    22 min (1.3km)
    Price for 1 hour


    Covered (4m)
    26 min (1.5km)
    Price for 1 day

    Frank - Termini

    Covered (3.8m)
    28 min (1.7km)
    Price for 1 hour

    Park Service Colosseum

    Covered (3m)
    30 min (1.8km)
    Price for 1 hour

    Garage President

    Covered (1.9m)
    31 min (1.8km)
    Price for 1 day

Where to park in Rome

Rome, the Eternal City, the Capital of the World… The name may change, but not the fact that the Italian capital is a magical city with irresistible charm!

With 3 million inhabitants, it’s the largest city in Italy and it hardly needs to be said that its origins are thousands of years old. Once the cradle of Latin civilization and the capital of the Roman Empire, founded in 753 B.C., Rome has plenty to offer from a historical, artistic, and cultural point of view!

The thousands of tourists who visit Rome every year know this well. But if there’s one thing they might not know, it’s that not everything in Rome is all roses… Especially the driving and parking. If you plan on coming to Rome by car, we recommend reading some information about how to get around and park in Rome.

Where can you find this information?

Easy! Right below. ;)

Driving in Rome

“All roads lead to Rome”… Maybe that’s why there’s so much traffic! We’re talking about one of the most-visited cities in the world, as well as the most populated municipality in Italy. Between these two statistics, the number of people moving about the city every day is… A LOT.

The traffic won’t be your only challenge while navigating Rome by car, however. The driving conditions are also affected by different pedestrian areas, and most of all, by the Rome Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL). These are areas where traffic and parking are prohibited or limited at certain times of day or in the event of high levels of pollution.

Entering one of the ZTL of Rome without permission really only has one outcome, and a rather tragic one at that: a fine. But we want to help you avoid that!

Below, you will find all the ZTL that you could come across during your stay in Rome:

  • Fascia Verde di Roma

  • Anello Ferroviario di Roma

  • ZTL del Centro Storico di Roma

  • ZTL Tridente

  • ZTL Trastevere

  • ZTL San Lorenzo

  • ZTL Testaccio

To find out more about timetables and who can drive within the ZTL, be sure to check out our guide to ZTL in Rome. ;) 

Parking in Rome

Parking on the street in Rome

Now that you know how to move deftly through the streets of the Italian capital, all that remains to be seen is where to park, and, if possible, how to avoid fines and mind-boggling rates while doing so. In general, street parking in Rome is only free for certain people, including local residents or people with electric cars. The rest of us have to keep an eye out for the color of the lines on the street. ;)

  • Blue lines: These are the most common in the city, but unfortunately parking in these areas is only free on Sundays, holidays, and weeknights. You could also park there from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. (depending on the neighborhood), but for a fee of course.

  • White lines: Like the unicorns of parking spaces, the white areas are rare, so consider yourself lucky if you find a spot within them! The good news? These spots are free… but only for a maximum of 3 hours! There had to be catch, right?

  • Yellow lines: These areas are free for people with disabilities.

  • Pink Lines: These areas are reserved for pregnant women and new mothers to be able to park easier.

Book parking in Rome

A great alternative to looking for street parking in Rome is to book a parking space in Rome online! In fact, there are several advantages to booking with Parclick!

First of all, you can consult and compare the rates and special offers of our car parks in the center of Rome in advance. Then simply choose the one you prefer and book with a few clicks.

Our car parks in Rome are also covered, monitored, and guarantee an available parking space upon your arrival! That way you won’t waste time on stressful searches and you’ll be able to enjoy every minute of your trip to Rome, visiting the city on foot or traveling via public transportation.

Renting spaces in garages in Rome

In addition to being able to book a parking space for a few hours or several days, with Parclick you can also rent a parking space in Rome so you can leave your car parked safely day after day, month after month. ;) We offer you monthly 24-hour passes, which let you access your rented garage at any time, or if you need a garage at specific times of the day, you can choose between a monthly day pass or monthly night pass.

The important thing is that the parking space you booked is always guaranteed to be available!

Check out our offers to rent parking spaces in Rome, and if you don't find what you’re looking for, call us! We’re at your disposal and want to offer you the best option to park wherever you want.

Getting around Rome with public transportation

After leaving your car safely in a monitored car park, you can finally begin visiting this magnificent city. And you’ll soon realize just how great—and BIG—Rome is! Rich with sights to see, visiting the ones outside of the historic city center might require a long, long (seriously loooong) walk. The solution? Visit Rome via public transportation!

The capital has the following public transit options:

  • 3 metro lines:

  • Linea A (Battistini – Anagnina)

  • Linea B and B1 (Laurentina – Rebibbia/Jonio)
  • Linea C (San Giovanni – Monte Compatri)

  • 8 train lines, which not only run throughout the city, but to other regional cities and places in the province of Rome.

  • More than 400 lines of city buses, trams, and streetcars.

So even reaching Rome’s furthest districts shouldn’t be a problem. ;)

Visit Rome and its monuments

Park near the main sights to see in Rome

The historic center of Rome, bordered by the Aurelian walls and almost 3,000 years old, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it’s easy to see why. With countless treasures, from historic monuments to archaeological sites, from beautiful squares to impressive basilicas—most of which are decorated by some of the greatest artists of all time, including Michelangelo and Raphael, you won’t run out of things to see in this city.

The number one must-see site is obviously the Colosseum, the most iconic symbol of Rome! The famous amphitheater is closely followed by all of the places that witnessed Rome’s great past, such as the Circus Maximus, the Imperial Forums, the Baths of Diocletian, the Domus Aurea, the Baths of Caracalla, and Capitoline Hill.

Moving on to more recent, but equally fascinating, times, you have places like the Altare della Patria in Piazza Venezia, the Trevi Fountain, the Quirinale Palace, the Pantheon, Castel Sant'Angelo, and Villa Medici.

Among the most famous (and photographed) squares in Rome, the stand-outs are: Piazza NavonaPiazza del Popolo, and Piazza di Spagna, where the Spanish Steps leading to the Trinità dei Monti begin.

Parking near the main basilicas of Rome

Another thing that certainly isn’t lacking in this city are the basilicas! Here’s our list of the most beautiful basilicas in Rome:

  • Basilica of San Giovanni Laterano, which is also the Cathedral of Rome

  • Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo

  • Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore

  • Basilica of San Pietro in Vincoli 

  • Basilica of San Paolo Fuori le Mura

  • Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere

Parking near the main museums of Rome

The capital is also full of incredible museums, where you can spend the whole day getting some culture, as if Rome didn’t have enough already! Be sure to check out:

  • Galleria Borghese, immersed in the greenery of the famous park of Villa Borghese 

  • National Gallery of Modern Art

  • Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Palace of Exhibitions)

  • Capitoline Museums

  • National Roman Museum

  • MAXXI - National Museum of Arts of the XXI Century

  • MACRO - National Museum of Modern Art

  • Barberini Palace

And so many others! Because let's face it, Rome is practically an open-air museum. ;)

Parking near the main theatres of Rome

From a city that gave birth to actresses of the caliber of Sophia Loren and Isabella Rossellini (daughter of Ingrid Bergman), it’s normal to expect a rich offering of theatres, and the following do not disappoint:

  • Rome Opera House

  • Sistine Theatre

  • Teatro Eliseo

  • Parioli Theatre

  • Euclid Theatre

  • Olympic Theatre

  • Ambra Jovinelli Theatre

  • Quirino Theatre - Vittorio Gassman

  • Palladium Theatre

  • Argentina Theatre

  • India Theatre

Visiting Vatican City

Are we forgetting anything? Yes indeed! We can’t talk about Rome without mentioning the Vatican! Well, technically Vatican City. Did you know it is its own independent state within Rome, ruled by the Pope? It might be the world’s smallest state, but if you think you can see everything in a few hours, it's time to change your mind and change into some comfortable shoes. Read on to see everything you can visit in Vatican City!

  • St. Peter’s Basilica: The heart of the Vatican and the largest church in the world, this famous basilica is surrounded by semicircles of columns, marking the edges of St. Peter’s Square.  

  • Vatican Museum: You could spend hours walking through here, admiring the seemingly endless works of art, saying nothing but “oooh” and “aaahhh” the whole time!

  • Sistine Chapel: Probably what most people think of and come to visit, you can reach the famous chapel at the end of the Vatican Museum tour and finally contemplate Michelangelo’s awe-inspiring work in person, from the amazing altar piece, Last Judgment, to his illustrious The Creation of Adam.

  • Papal Palace of Castel Gandolfo: One of the Pope’s residences, this palace also houses a museum exhibition that recounts more than 500 years of history of the different Popes.

What to do in Rome

So we’ve talked about places and monuments to visit, but there is still so much more to see and do in Rome! Are you starting to think you haven’t taken enough vacation days? ;)

You definitely can’t leave the capital without walking along the characteristic narrow streets of the Trastevere district, taking a picture on the Milvio Bridge, going shopping on the city’s most elegant streets (head over to Via Vitorrio Veneto and Via del Babuino), watching a football match at Olympic Stadium, or visiting the Porta Portese market.

If you’re looking for even more ideas for your visit to Rome, you can always read our tips on what to do in Rome in one day!

In any case, thanks to Parclick you’ll always have parking available in the center of Rome. Whether you prefer to park near the Colosseum, park near Villa Borghese, or even park near the Vatican, we have the perfect places for you, and you can book your parking space with just one click!

Travelling from Rome

The only good reason to leave a wonderful city like Rome is if you’re planning a trip to another place! In that case, what you need is a good, monitored car park in Rome where you can leave your car before catching a plane, train… or even a boat! ;)

Parking near Rome’s airports

Parking near Rome's train stations

  • Parking at Roma Tiburtina Station

  • Parking at Roma Ostiense Station

  • Parking at Roma Tuscolana Station

  • Parking at Roma Trastevere Station

Parking near the Civitavecchia Port

Probably the only thing Rome doesn’t have is the sea! But in nearby Civitavecchia, located about 80 km from the capital, is one the largest ports of the whole peninsula, from which many cruises depart.

So if you want to take a boat “from Rome”, what you need is to book a car park at the Civitavecchia Port!

Whatever the reason for your trip to or from Rome, after booking your hotel in Rome, make sure you book your parking in Rome with Parclick! With the time and money you’ll save, you can afford to treat yourself to that extra gelato!

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