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AliPark Marco Polo - Shuttle - Aeroporto di Treviso

Via Triestina, 216, 30175. Venecia, Italia.
About the car park
Car park near the Treviso Airport, easy to find when arriving from the SS14, since it's located right on the Via Triestina. Don't confuse the location of the ALIPARK MarcoPolo – Aeroporto di Treviso car park, since even though it's well outside the airport, this car park offers a free shuttle service that takes you directly to the Treviso Airport terminal. You can reach the car park from the A4 and A27 motorways, following the direction of Venice Airport. When arriving at the roundabout that crosses the SS14 Triestina road, take the second exit towards Jesolo-Trieste and continue straight on for 2 km. The car park will be on your right, it is indicated by a sign indicating “MarcoPolo” and four European flags. All you have to do is get to the ALIPARK MarcoPolo – Aeroporto di Treviso car park with your car, park without delay in one of the covered or open-air parking spots, and get to the Treviso Airport without wasting time, thanks to its free shuttle service. This shuttle service has a frequency of 10 minutes, and thanks to the 24-hour operating schedule of the ALIPARK MarcoPolo – Aeroporto di Treviso car park, it's also available 24 hours. If your flight takes off in the middle of the night, no problem! Upon your arrival to the ALIPARK MarcoPolo car park you'll always find a shuttle ready to take you to the Treviso Airport terminal, which arrives in about 30 minutes. Also, the same shuttle will come to pick you up on the day of your return, to take you once more to the car park. The ALIPARK MarcoPolo car park is a monitored car park, so you don't have to worry at all about the security of your car during your trip, and you'll set off with peace of mind. At this car park, you must leave your car keys with us.Read less
Car park hours
Open 24 hours a day
Shuttle service

Approximate time to terminals:

T130 min
How to get there?
How to enter?
Before your journey

After completing your booking with Parclick, you must call the car park to reserve a space on the bus which will take you from the car park to the airport. The phone number of the car park will be given once you've made your booking.

Please arrive to the car park with sufficient time. Take into account the check-in process, from when you park, prove your booking and get the bus to the airport, it takes approximately 20 minutes.

Park your car and go to the customer service office to validate your booking.

Location of the customer service booth: the control booth located at the end of the entrance hallway.

After your journey

After collecting your luggage, call the car park to request being collected. During the call, someone will confirm the meeting point for you in the terminal of the airport. The phone number of the car park will be given once you've made your booking.

Additional information

The free airport shuttle may take up to 8 people, and the shuttle frequency is 30 minutes. You must call the car park 30 minutes before your arrival so staff can organize the shuttle service to the airport. In addition, you must notify the car park in case you are delayed or early (provided that it exceeds 45 minutes regarding the time indicated on your reservation).

Car park entrance

Via Triestina 216