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So you want to go away for a short weekend break? And you´re wondering where to go…well Paris is the perfect place to go with friends and family or for a romantic getaway! We want to give you our best recommendations for some great things you can do if you spend the weekend in Paris!

Paris is a city like no other, you could say it´s magical! It is called the City of Light, and when you arrive we are sure you will understand why. Of course, we can’t forget the famous Eiffel Tower – the symbolic tower of France which attracts around 7 million tourists each year. Also, you´ve got the famous Notre-Dame cathedral and l´Arc de Triomphe – both monuments you would not want to miss during your weekend to Paris.

Our recommendations for a weekend in Paris

A weekend in Paris…ooh la la! Let´s start with breakfast. So we´re going to lay out some brunch options for you. Brasserie Thoumieux, Hardware Société and Salon de Thé Sébastien Gaudard – we´re sure that if you try one of these you´re guaranteed to have an absolutely scrumptious breakfast/lunch a.k.a brunch! If you want something a little cheaper, we recommend trying Breakfast in America, Bululù Arepera or Café Düo. Nonetheless, Paris is such a unique city, we are sure you´d find some weird but wonderful little place to treat your taste buds – and as you´re there for just a weekend, why not treat yourself to brunch both days!

Although we have already skimmed over it, we want to give you (in a bit more detail) just a few must-see spots while you´re in Paris. So, of course you´ll want to get your picture for Instagram of you in front of the Eiffel Tower – that´s a given. And as we mentioned, Notre Dame and l´Arc de Triomphe are famously definitely worth a visit. On a sunny day, why not visit the Luxembourg Gardens with a picnic? Or, to really immerse yourself in the culture visit the Moulin Rouge – known for its can-can dance shows and distinct red windmill on the roof. For a truly cultural experience…and a great photo opportunity, you must visit the Louvre museum, where you can see the Mona Lisa painting! For all you shopaholics out there, you have to go to the Avenue Champs-Élysées – which the Parisians describe as the best street in the world, biased we know but worth a visit that´s for sure ;)

That may sound like we´ve just thrown so many activities at you, but the way we see it, if you´re here for a weekend you need the choice of what to do…that way you can choose the best option for you. Everyone is different, maybe you´ll choose to just go shopping or maybe you´re someone who enjoys doing guided tours or maybe you like to squeeze so much into a short space of time that you´ll be too tired for any night activity…that won´t stop us from recommending some to you!

So what do us humans like to do at night? DINNER! So let us firstly give you some dinner recommendations. We are only going to recommend some local cuisine, because as you are going to Paris for the weekend…we think it´s only right that you try some French specialities! For this, we recommend ASPIC, Epicure or Le Gabriel. Don´t forget to book a table though, as it could get quite busy! Bon Appetit!

Now, let´s talk about some other types of night activity. Firstly – a simple idea, just go for a late night stroll and enjoy all there is to see in Paris by night. If you´re a bit of a party animal, get your dancing shoes on and explore the nightlife, there are so many different types of night clubs to try! For something a bit more chilled, try the River Seine cruise.

We hope we have given you some ideas about how to spend your weekend in Paris. Now all that´s left to do is have an amazing weekend in Paris! Bon voyage ;)

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