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Car parks near Cannaregio

Cannaregio is the second largest district in Venice after Castello, and occupies almost the entire northern part of the Grand Canal. If you don’t know where to park near Cannaregio, check the Parclick map! You can find the closest option and book your parking space in advance! Given its proximity to Santa Lucia Station, two good options to park near to Cannaregio are Piazzale Roma, the last zone for vehicles before entering the city, and Mestre on the mainland and well connected to the lagoon by numerous bus and train lines. It’s easy to park in Venice, especially with Parclick!

What to see in Cannaregio

Chiesa di Santa Maria degli scalzi (Santa Maria di Nazareth)

santa maria degli scalzi in cannaregio This district is split into two parts by the Canale di Cannaregio (Canal of Cannaregio) and by the Grand Canal that is served by steamboats. The canal is crossed by Ponte delle Guglie and Ponte dei Tre archi, the last three archway bridge in Venice. Cannaregio was considered a rough area in the seventies, but thanks to interventions and improvements it could recover its prestige. Its name derives from the fact the area was covered by rushes in the past. The entire district is crossed by Strada Nova, a 25 minute long walk, which connects Santa Lucia Station to Rialto, and begins at the noteworthy Chiesa di Santa Maria degli scalzi (Santa Maria di Nazareth). There are numerous churches that one can admire in the Cannaregio district whilst walking through side streets that are less crowded than those in neighbouring San Marco. Churches worth a mention include: Chiesa della Madonna dell'Orto with its gothic architecture adorned with paintings by Tintoretto, who’s indeed buried there, the church of San Marcuola, which owns the Last Supper by Tintoretto, and Chiesa dei Santi Apostoli. Cannaregio also hosts the first Jewish Ghetto in Europe, still perfectly conserved, and hosts numerous synagogues, including the Hebrew Museum. In the northern part of this district there is the Fondamento, a place favoured by young Venetians. It’s essentially a colonnade that runs alongside the canal, densely filled by bars and clubs. Don’t miss your opportunity to visit this magical district, book your parking space close to Cannaregio on Parclick, with just one click!

Points of interest near Cannaregio in Venice

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