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Car parks near Burano

Burano is an island situated in the northern part of the Venetian lagoon, and is composed of four islets. On this island, exclusively reachable by steamboat, you get around on foot, and for this reason Parclick can help you find the best parking spots near Burano, where you can leave your vehicle before reaching this colourful place. Check the map and book your spot in advance with Parclick! For getting to Burano, the best car parks recommended by Parclick are in Piazzale Roma, near Venice’s city centre, and in Venezia Mestre, on the mainland, just minutes away by bus or train from the lagoon. As previously said, access to Burano is exclusively via steamboat, specifically by Venezia Fondamenta Nove. There is one steamboat every half hour from the centre, that passing through Murano, reaches its destination in about 40 minutes. There are also often fun and cheap boat tours of the islands. Tickets for public boats can be purchased directly on board.

What to see in Burano

Church os San martino vescovo

 The four islets that compose Burano are separated by three canals, the Rio Pontinello, the Rio Giudecca, and the Rio Terranova, and similarly to Venice, Burano is divided into sestieri (English: districts). The beating heart of Burano is certainly its main piazza, called Baldassarre Galuppi, overlooked by the Church of San Martino Vescovo, which houses the Crucifixion by Tiepolo, whose church tower is rather curious to visit given the slant that characterises it. Given that Burano is famous for its craft lacework, overlooking the central square there is also the Museo del Merletto (English: Museum of Lacework), the Palazzo del Municipio and the Cappella di Santa Barbara. Despite all this, Burano’s beauty lies in losing yourself in its narrow side-streets and its colourful houses, making Burano one of the Ten most colourful places in the world; from sky-blues, to yellows, oranges and greens, legend says this tradition of painting houses with gaudy colours was started by fishermen who wanted to be able to see their homes when they were out at sea. No matter how you look at it, Burano is one of its kind, and you cannot miss the opportunity to visit it because you don’t know where to park! Check Parclick’s maps, and choose the car park near Burano that best suits your needs!

Points of interest near Burano in Venice

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