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Where to park in Castello

Castello is the most easterly and largest district of Venice, but also the only one that doesn't face onto the Grand Canal. Its borders include Cannaregio and San Marco. There are no possibilities to park in this district, but Parclick can help you find the best parking spaces close to Castello, from where you can reach this district by steamboat! Being the most distant district from the mainland, Castello is reachable only via the public transport service of steamboats, and as previously mentioned there is no way to get closer or travel around it by car. Parclick recommends parking in Mestre, to move towards the city centre by bus or train, or alternatively to park in Piazzale Roma. Check the map to find and book the parking space you prefer in advance!

Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo (Church of Saints John and Paul)

The name of this district derives from the medieval fortification that was erected on today’s isola di San Pietro di Castello (originally called Isola d'Olivolo). Most of the district is occupied by the impressive Arsenal, a series of shipyards that were the heart of Venice’s shipbuilding industry, and that today host the Contemporary Art exhibition organised by Biennale di Venezia (Venice Biennale). Castello is connected to the San Marco district thanks to Ponte della Paglia, which offers a fantastic view of San Marco and is also a favoured spot to watch the Venetian sunsets. One of the most emblematic places in this district is the Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo, an impressive church where numerous Venetian doge’s are buried. Worth a mention is also Basilica di San Pietro di Castello that was the cathedral of Venice until 1807, and the Chiesa di San Zaccaria behind Piazza San Marco. One can also visit the Historical Naval Museum in Castello where the shipbuilding memories of the city are preserved. Find your parking space near Castello with Parclick, so that you can reach this district by steamboat, and book it in advance. Check the available car parks on Parclick’s map!