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Where to park in Murano

Murano, is known for its craft glassworks all over the world, and is one of the most densely populated areas of the Venetian lagoon. It’s composed by seven islands connected to each other by numerous bridges. Similar to the majority of the lagoon, Murano cannot be reached by car, but only by water. If you want to visit this splendid island and don’t know where you can leave your vehicle, Parclick is just what you need! Take a look at the map and find the car parks closest to Murano that suit your needs best, and book them in advance before arriving there!

To park near Murano, Parclick recommends two options: firstly leaving your car in Piazzale Roma, just a stone’s throw from Venice’s city centre, or secondly in Venice Mestre, on the mainland, from where you can reach the centre in just a few minutes by bus or train getting off at Santa Lucia Station. Whatever you choose, there are numerous connections to Murano by steamboat from the centre of Venice, from Santa Lucia Station, from the coast, and even from Marco Polo Airport, that with just 30 minutes can take you to all seven of these islands.


Duomo of Murano

Murano island, venice The Duomo is certainly one of the monuments that stands out from the others to see in Murano, in its Romanic style dedicated to Saints Mary and Saint Donatus, which also contains the remains of Saint Donatus, the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli and the Church of San Pietro Martire, positioned along the Rio dei Vetrai (English: River of Glassmakers), and decorated by splendid glass chandeliers.

As previously mentioned, Murano is world famous for its artistic craft glassworks, whose tradition started as far back as 1295, when the Most Serene Republic of Venice transferred its furnaces to the island of Murano. If you really want to delve into the history of art in the city, you must take a visit to one of these glass furnaces, where you can see a master glass worker at work in front of you, or to Museo d'Arte Vetraria (English: Museum of Glasswork Art), in Palazzo Giustinian.

Murano is one of its kind in the world, as is visiting this beautiful island in the Venetian lagoon. Book your parking space near Murano now at the lowest price with Parclick, and lose yourself in the city of glass’ alleys!