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Book a parking spot close to Gare Montparnasse in Paris

Are you thinking of taking a train from Gare Montparnasse ? It is worth remembering that driving in Paris is a real challenge; and parking close to the station, which is the fourth busiest in the capital, is even more difficult. Fortunately, Parclick has a convenient solution for you which will enable you to avoid the stress of last minute parking: booking a parking space online, for your required duration. Thanks to our numerous car parks close to Gare Montparnasse, you will easily be able to find the most suitable one for you. Maine Montparnasse car park and  Tour Montparnasse car park are located close to the station. The former is really close to  Jardin Atlantique, while the latter is closer to the famous sky scraper and the underground station  Montparnasse-Bienvenüe.  Cambronne - Rue du Commerce car park further away lies 5 minutes de from Cambronne underground station (take Rue Cambronne towards  square Cambronne). It will ensure you avoid the traffic close to the station and get there directly using the underground. Another suitable car park is Parkélis Lefebvre. Situated directly at Boulevards des Maréchaux, it is close to Porte de Vanves underground station, which will take you straight to  Gare Montparnasse.

Gare Montparnasse: nearly two hundred years of history

The world war, renovations and cinema

 Gare Montparnasse is located in both the 14th and 15th arrondissements. It is the result of nearly two centuries of extensions and renovations.  It is the replacement for the first station Gare de l'Ouest which existed from the 1840s which made way for the present station due to logistical reasons, in 1852. The Gare du Maine was added close by in the 1930s. Both stations were brought together in the 1960s by the  Maine-Montparnasse project . Today, Montparnasse is divided into three parts: Montparnasse I, II and III . It currently serves the western part of the country including Bretagne,  Rochelle and the Bordeaux region. TGV also takes passengers to  Madrid and Portugal. The station sheltered  general Leclerc at the end of the Second World War. As a notable witness of this period, it currently harbors two museums dedicated to the Second World War. Like a large number of stations in Paris, it has welcomed a number of filming crews: especially for the films,  Le Dîner de Cons and Hugo Cabret. The area is certainly worth exploring by anyone who has the time to. Tour Montparnasse lies close by; it is one of France’s highest sky scrapers, providing a panoramic view of the city. You can even get to the most popular tourist destinations in the city such as 'île de la Cité or  Champs-Elysées, thanks to its excellent bus and underground train network. In order to have the time to tour the station and its surroundings in tranquility and most importantly avoid missing your train, we recommend booking your parking space in advance. Keep in mind that Gare Montparnasse is really big: the longer you take to find a  parking space, the more stressed you will be when searching for your platform. Parclick recommends avoiding any risks and planning your visit. Choose one of our  numerous car parks  close to Gare Montparnasse. Would you prefer parking elsewhere? You have no need to worry: Parclick has over 100 car parks in Paris available for you.

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