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    VenicePark by Blitz - Park + Water Taxi - Venezia Centro

    Covered (2.1m)
    31 min (1.9km)

    Garage San Marco - Porto di Venezia

    Covered (2.1m)
    31 min (1.9km)

    Autorimessa Comunale AVM - Porto di Venezia

    Covered (2.2m)
    32 min (1.9km)

    VenicePark by Blitz - Car Valet - Porto Tronchetto

    Covered (2.1m)
    45 min (2.7km)

    Marive - Parking+Ferry - Venezia Centro

    Outdoor (2.3m)
    +60 min (5.9km)
    Parclick price
    25 €

    Terminal Fusina

    Outdoor (7m)
    +60 min (6.9km)

    Venice Utility Park - Shuttle - Porto di Venezia - Coperto

    Covered (4.5m)
    +60 min (8.0km)

    AliPark Marco Polo - Shuttle - Aeroporto di Treviso

    Outdoor (2m)

    ALIPARK MarcoPolo - Shuttle Piazzale Roma

    Outdoor (2m)
    +60 min (9.5km)

    AliPark Marco Polo - Shuttle - Porto di Venezia

    Outdoor (2m)
    +60 min (9.5km)

    AliPark Marco Polo - Shuttle - Stazione di Venezia Mestre

    Outdoor (2m)
    +60 min (9.5km)

    AliPark Marco Polo - Shuttle - Aeroporto di Venezia

    Outdoor (2m)

    Ambasciatori e Delfino - Scoperto

    +60 min (9.6km)
    1. Cheaper

    Delfino Autorimessa

    Covered (2m)
    +60 min (9.6km)

    Sky Tower Suite - Coperto

    Covered (2m)
    +60 min (9.6km)

    Garage Europa - Stazione di Venezia Mestre

    Covered (2.3m)
    +60 min (9.7km)

    SABA Stazione di Venezia Mestre

    Covered (2.05m)
    +60 min (9.9km)

Where to park in Bridge of Sighs

Venice’s Bridge of Sighs, between the districts of San Marco and Castello, is one of the most known and photographed monuments in the world. It cannot be reached by car, so Parclick helps you find a parking spot near the Bridge of Sighs at the lowest price, and from where you can get around easily on foot! Parking near the Bridge of Sighs is easy with Parclick, and you can choose from the car parks in the city centre in Piazzale Roma or the car parks in Venezia Mestre, from which you can reach the centre in a matter of minutes by train or bus, but most importantly, these can be booked in advance!

The Bridge of Sighs

One of its kind

Bridge of Sighs Requested by the Doge Marino Grimani and built in 1602 on a project designed by the architect Antonio Contin, the Bridge of Sighs is entirely made of white Istrian stone. It’s only a short distance from Piazza San Marco, and it connects the Magistrates Chambers of Palazzo Ducale with the Prigioni Nuove (English: New Prisons) by a double corridor that is invisible from the outside. It was built so that it would be entirely sealed to prevent prisoners from escaping whilst they were being escorted over this very bridge from the Offices of Public Inquisitors, where they’d been put on trial, to the prisons. It is also for this reason that the bridge has acquired such a peculiar name. Legend says that the bridge was nicknamed Of Sighs, from the sound of convicted prisoners sighing upon seeing the beautiful city one last time before being locked up for their long sentences. The Bridge of Sighs is an important part of the Serene’s history, and is a must on every guided tour of Venice. It can be observed from Ponte della Paglia or from Ponte della Canonica, but it is certainly far more suggestive to sail along Rio di Palazzo, that passes beneath the Bridge of Sighs on one of Venice’s most characteristic vessels, the Gondola! Don’t miss visiting the Bridge of Sighs, and find your closest parking spot now with Parclick, and begin your visit without worries.

Points of interest near Bridge of Sighs in Venice

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