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Book a parking space near Giudecca

Giudecca is one of the islands of the Venetian Lagoon situated to the south of the city centre, and belongs to the Dorsoduro district. Given that it cannot be reached by car, Parclick can help you find a parking space near Giudecca where you can leave your car and easily reach this island by steamboat. There are no parking spaces on the Giudecca Island, so the only options available are to park in Venezia Mestre, from where you can reach the lagoon in a few minutes by bus or train crossing Ponte della Libertà, or in Piazzale Roma, from where you catch a steamboat. The island of Giudecca is reachable by steamboats operated by the Venetian public transport company (ACTV) that make four stops, and connect it not only to the centre, but also to other islands such as Murano. There is also a nocturnal steamboat service. Giudecca is only a few kilometres long so it’s an ideal place to spend a day, making it a perfect place for an excursion if you’re visiting Venice.

What to see in Giudecca

la chiesa del redentore

giudecca, venice Anciently known as the Spinalonga (English: long fishbone) because of its shape that resembles a fishbone, Giudecca is mainly one of the quietest residential areas of the entire lagoon. It is separated from the rest by the Giudecca Canal, and by strolling through the gardens that line the canal you can really enjoy the wonderful view of the lagoon, and Venice’s splendid city centre. Giudecca is really composed of eight islets that are connected to each other by a myriad of bridges, that make a stroll through this part of the lagoon both possible and very enjoyable. Whilst walking around Giudecca, there are some interesting places to visit. One is certainly the Chiesa del Redentore (English: Church of the Most Holy Redeemer) built between 1577 and 1592 on a design by Andrea Palladio. The Festa del Redentore (English: Festival of the Redeemer) is celebrated in front of this church every third Sunday of July by building a pontoon bridge that connects the island to the city centre. There are numerous paintings by the more famous Venetian painters inside the Chiesa del Redentore. Just a few yards from the Chiesa del Redentore there is the Chiesa delle Zitelle, another design by Palladio, that houses a modern centre for venues. There is also one of Venice’s oldest churches on Giudecca, the Chiesa di Sant'Eufemia, built in the seventh century. Parclick helps you book your spot near Giudecca in advance, where you can park you car for as long as you need and visit the entire lagoon!

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