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Port Vell or the Old Port to us English speakers is the perfect place to enjoy a paella, breathing in the fresh sea air, and generally a great place to chill out. But there is one teeny weeny little problem, one thing that can turn one of the most relaxing of places into an absolute nightmare…not being able to find somewhere to park. 

Now parking in this place, which is popular amongst tourists isn’t easy to find. Plus parking is Barcelona is divided into 2 zones, the blue and the green, and the rules change whether you’re a resident or not. Plus, you can’t even park there for long before you have to move on, so it’s a lot to think about when you just want to enjoy your time in Barcelona. 

We recommend booking your parking with Parclick! Just take a look at the map to find a car park, which suits your needs! 

Port Vell

Starting at the end of Barcelona’s fabulous Las Ramblas, you’ll know you’re there because you’ll see 50 metre tall Columbus monument, which you can actually go up and see a fantastic 360 degree view of Barcelona! 

Enjoy a cappuccino or something stronger whilst watching the ships bob about in harbour, you never know who might have a ship moored here, so keep your eyes peeled to see some celebrities! 

Here, there’s the 14th century Drassanes Reials shipyards, complete with the Museu Marítim, so you can really get the most out of what you see. The must see of the Drassanes though, has to be the historic schooner, the Pailebot Santa Eulàlia. Plus, you can get on a boat here and have a tour of the harbour. 

Walking on down, you’ll see the Maremagnum shopping centre, which is perfect for those shopaholics amongst us! But fancy something more sea orientated? You are in Barcelona after all ;) How about the aquarium? Yeah, that’s here too! 

Art lover? Check out American pop-art artist Roy Lichenstein colourful Moll de la Fusta. Here too there’s the Palau de Mar, which plays host to the Museum of Catalonian History

The nearest metro station would be Drassanes, which serves line 3. From here you’ll have access to the whole of Barcelona, so why not book your parking nearby! 

We wish you an incredible time in Barcelona! 

Points of interest near Port Vell in Barcelona

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