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    Quai Branly - Tour Eiffel SAEMES
    1. Cheaper

    Quai Branly - Tour Eiffel SAEMES

    8 min (485m)
    Contactless access
    Price for 1 hour
    Tour Eiffel Castorama

    Tour Eiffel Castorama

    11 min (635m)
    Price for 4 hours


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Where to park in Eiffel Tower

Parking in Paris certainly isn't easy, now imagine parking at the Eiffel Tower, one of Paris' most iconic attractions, sounds near to impossible, right? Well, it's not with Parclick! Take a look at our map to find a car park that suits you! This way, you can be at the top of the tower seeing the views in no time. There are multiple car parks close by the Eiffel Tower:

Car Parks 1 hour 3 hours 1 day 4 hours 6 hours
Quai Branly-Tour Eiffel car park 4,30 euros 12,90 euros 29,70 euros NA NA
Saint-Dominique car park 4 euros 12 euros 38 euros NA NA
Tour Eiffel Castorama car park NA NA 18 euros 11 euros 13 euros
URBIS PARK Kleber-Trocadero car park 5,40 euros 17,40 euros 18 euros NA NA


Use Parclick and its advantages to guarantee yourself a wonderful stay in Paris by parking in a cheap car park at the Eiffel Tower in advance. Visit Paris with peace of mind, thanks to Parclick! Are you looking for a car park in Paris that is a little further away from the Champ-de-Mars? No problem, Parclick has many secure parking lots in Paris. Consult all our parking offers in Paris. Parclick makes parking in Paris very simple. Your reservation guarantees you a parking space for as long as you want. Don't wait any longer, and reserve your parking space near the Eiffel Tower!

Finding parking in Paris can be fairly difficult, especially because Paris is such a busy and populated city, visited by tourists year round. This is why, if you are looking for parking, your best bet is to pre book a parking space with Parclick. Here at Parclick, we provide you with lots of Parking options throughout all of Paris. You choose what works best for you!

In an effort to reduce the capital’s pollution in 2015, the French government largely restricted the amount of free car parks. Only a small amount of parkings in Paris are free of cost, only 2,5% out of 273,095 parking spaces! This makes it very tricky to find a free parking spot, but luckily Parclick can help you secure a spot for the best price.

If you wish to park near to the Eiffel Tower, we recommend the Quai Branly-Tour Eiffel car park, located directly under the Quai Branly Jacques Chirac museum. We think that it is the best place to park given that it is the closest to the Eiffel Tower only 450m away, equivalent to just 8 minutes walking.

Although driving in Paris and near the Eiffel Tower means high traffic and busy streets, Parclick offers a range of different parkings in the city and closeby its most famous landmark. Amongst them, there is the Quai Branly-Tour Eiffel car park and the Saint-Dominique car park, to name just a few.

Other ways to access the tower by car include parking further and then using public transportation. To reach the Eiffel Tower by public transportation, you’re spoiled with choices! You can take the metro, the train (RER), the bus, the public bike share program Vélib’, or even a boat!

  • Getting to the Eiffel Tower by metro: Take line 6 to Bir-Hakeim station, line 8 to École Militaire station, or line 9 to Trocadero station.

  • Getting to the Eiffel Tower by train (RER): The RER C train will take you to the Eiffel Tower, leaving you in Bir-Hakeim station.

  • Getting to the Eiffel Tower by bus: 6 bus lines will take you to the Eiffel Tower. Take lines 30, 42, 72, or 82 to the Eiffel Tower stop, or lines 69 or 86 to the Champ de Mars stop.

  • Getting to the Eiffel Tower by bike (Vélib’): There are 4 Vélib’ docking stations nearby, including one at 2 Octave Gréard Avenue, one at 2 Quai Branly, another at 43 Rapp Avenue, and one more at 36 Suffren Avenue.

  • Getting to the Eiffel Tower by boat: The Batobus will take you on a short cruise along the Seine river to the Eiffel Tower.

Parking prices in Paris depend on the area and district you wish to park in. Typically, the city center as well as areas of tourist interest will have higher prices whereas the peripheral areas are more affordable. Generally, prices in the points of interest and the center are higher than in other zones whereas in peripheral areas, prices are lower, often half the price of parkings in the center and touristic areas.

Parclick has a large number of car parks in Paris, and particularly inexpensive car parks close to Champ-de-Mars. From Champs-de-Mars, you can easily explore the rest of the city using line 6 of the metro and RER C (Bir-Hakeim station). From there you will be able to get to Château de Versailles, Gare Montparnasse or even Île de la Cité.  You can also take the batobus to Port de la Bourdonnais which runs along Quai Branly.

To go to the Eiffel Tower, tickets depend on means of access (lift or stairs) and on the floor you wish to go to (second or top floor). 

  • Ticket with lift access to the Second floor: 16.60 euros for adults and 4.10 euros for children 

  • Ticket with access by stairs to the Second floor: 10.40 euros for adults and 2.60 euros for children. 

  • Ticket with access to the top floor by lift: 25.90 euros for adults 6.50 euros for children 

  • Ticket with access to the second floor by stairs + access to the top floor by lift costs 19.70 euros per adult and 5 euros per child. 

  • Important to note: tickets for children under 4 years of age are free

The Eiffel Tower is without doubt a must-see in Paris. Standing tall at 324 meters it watches over the capital and is one of the most recognisable pieces of skyline in the world. Designed by the architect Gustave Eiffel for the World Fair in 1889, the Eiffel Tower receives an average of 7.1 million visitors a year making it the most visited paying monument in the world. We seriously recommend jumping on this particular bandwagon!

It has a small garden out the back called the Champ-de-Mars, which is just the 24.5 hectares of beautifully kept greenery stretching out into the middle of the city ;) 

This public park serves as a venue for all kinds of events and concerts and can be transformed into a FanZone during important matches. In 2016 the crowds were packed in like sardines to watch the national team come agonisingly close to victory on home soil at Euro 2016. At the same time, this site is the perfect spot for a brisk winter walk or a drowsy summer picnic, depending on the time of your visit.

Due to the Covid pandemic, the Eiffel tower is closed at the moment but as of July 16 of this year, the Eiffel Tower will reopen! From the 16 of July to the 30 August, opening hours for access by lift will be from 9:30 AM - 22:30 PM and by stairs from 9:30 AM - 17:30 PM. Note however, that the ticket desk will close at 10:30 PM yet the Tower will close at 11:45 PM. The Opening hours of September 2021 will be communicated at a later point in the year. 

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