Car parks near Casa Agustí

If you are fond of good food and you love travelling, then you must enjoy tasting the local specialties of the regions that you visit!

Is that not true? For this reason, if you are just passing by Barcelona, then having your meal at the Casa Agustí restaurant is a must do! You will be able to taste some of the best fish of the region, the much talked about calçots (a Catalan speciality) and the perfect way to finish your meal would be with the crème catalane (not to confuse with the crème brûlée).

To make the most of a good meal, it’s important to be calm and not to be concerned about anything that could cause you to have a stomach-ache, such as not being able to find a parking space. At Parclick, we recommend that you book your parking space near the Casa Agustí to make sure you will arrive on time for your lunch or dinner!

Casa Agustí

Right in the cultural centre of Barcelona

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to see that the renowned Plaza Cataluña is not exactly in the city centre of Barcelona. However, if you had to determine the centre for all the cultural activities and life of the city, this plaza would be without doubt the true centre of Barcelona! The restaurant is located on the boundary between the historical centre and the district of Eixample, which will enable you to finish your meal with a digestive stroll or a coffee in the neighbourhood.

On top of finding everything that you need, you will also find secured car parks in Barcelona in order escape certain things you absolutely wish to avoid: traffic jams and parking problems. So, do not hesitate and check out the car parks, so that you can park near the Casa Agustí in Barcelona! With Parclick, you will definitely find a car park that will suit you perfectly ;)

Points of interest near Casa Agustí in Barcelona

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