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    Park And Greet - Valet - Aeropuerto de Barcelona

    Outdoor (2.6m)
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    14 €

    Travel Parking Barcelona


    T1 AENA Aeropuerto Barcelona-El Prat

    Covered (2.2m)

    T2 AENA Aeropuerto Barcelona-El Prat

    Covered (2.2m)

    WeParking - Valet - Aeropuerto de Barcelona

    Covered (2.1m)

    Géminis - Park and Greet - Valet - Aeropuerto de Barcelona - Cubierto

    Covered (1.8m)
    Parclick price
    18 €

    Larga Estancia Barcelona Aeropuerto AENA

    Covered (1.9m)

    Parking10 Valet Aeropuerto Barcelona - Cubierto

    Covered (4m)
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    AENA Aeropuerto de Barcelona-El Prat - VIP

    Covered (2.2m)

    Blue Valet - Aeropuerto de Barcelona - Cubierto

    Covered (2.1m)
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    Pimpamparking - P&R - Aeropuerto de Barcelona


Where to park in Barcelona Airport

The Barcelona-El Prat Airport is located in the El Prat de Llobregat district, in the south of Barcelona and which little by little is taking over the Condal City. In fact, not only is the airport here but also on its coast it shares space with the port area of ​​the capital of Catalonia.

It is the airport with the highest passenger traffic in Spain and one of the highest in the world rankings. And for the people who travel to Barcelona the first image they have is the incredible foreshortening made by planes to enter El Prat, which allows you to see Barcelona from above the sea, which is undoubtedly a sight to see, especially due to the interesting symmetry of its streets.

If you are leaving rather than arriving, you will be able to enjoy the views, but in the meantime you will have to think how to get there. If your option is by car, do not worry if your trip is a day or a week, because in Parclick we provide you with the reservation of a parking space for the whole duration of your absence and with the assurance that your car will remain guarded.

Of course, in the airport car parks there are a lot of cars, so if you don´t want to spend ages looking for it, take a picture of your location and make life easier for yourself when you return.

The Barcelona-El Prat Airport

Ticket to the whole world

From Barcelona-El Prat Airport you can catch flights to almost anywhere in the world, including to 26 Spanish cities. But if you want to see more of the world and immerse yourself in other cultures, within Europe you could try some highlighted destinations such as LondonRomeAmsterdam or Paris, although we recommend that you change it up and visit cities such as CopenhagenBudapest or Geneva. And if your destination is beyond the seas (as any self-respecting sailor would say), the usual choices are DubaiTel-AvivDoha and New York. Your destiny is in your hands.

If you´re using public transport, the airport is very well connected and is known for its line 9 metro, which stops at each of the two terminals. In addition, you can use many different buses and the train is another option. But if it all becomes a bit too time consuming, remember that with Parclick you can reserve your place in Barcelona in just two minutes and for the however long you need. So whatever happens, you can count on us to help you park at the Barcelona Airport. :)

Points of interest near Barcelona Airport in Barcelona

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