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Car parks near Château de Vincennes

Fancy a trip to the Château de Vincennes? How about booking your parking space to make sure that your day gets off to a great start? Sounds like a pretty good idea right? Well, have a look at the map and see Parclick's car parks around the wonderful Château! 

The Château de Vincennes

The Château de Vincennes is located Paris’ 12th Arrondissement. It has had a turbulent past, with its primary function to be a place of safety during war time. It’s pretty impressive to see, as it’s one of the best of medieval architecture in Europe. Its functions over time have varied - residents from Kings to those housed in the prisons with less pleasant fates. 

The Château’s main feature has to be the 52 metre tall tower, which dominates the landscape.

The Château de Vincennes is located outside the centre of Paris and just north of the Bois de Vincennes park. It is well located because you can easily get to the centre. Or if big cities are not your thing, then relax and take a stroll in the park - picnic anyone? ;) And if you’re feeling more on the wild side, then you can take a 25 minute walk to the Paris Zoo

We recommend buying your tickets in advance. This can be done through the website of the Château de Vincennes, so when you arrive you can beat the queues, and go straight in! But make sure you print them before you come!Plus, we recommend hiring an audioguide to really give you the in depth descriptions of exactly what happened in this medieval castle. 

You can come to the Château de Vincennes is super simple to get to. Catch the metro line 1 to the Château de Vincennes stop. Or if you prefer to take the train then you can take the line RER A line to Vincennes! There are also buses (46, 56 or 86) to the Château de Vincennes. So, it's well connected just in case you want to go there in the day and watch the Eiffel Tower shine at night! 

You can of course also come by car. However, finding a parking space here is not easy. The castle is a popular tourist location which makes parking pretty tough and not cheap. So, to avoid all this book your parking with Parclick! Choose where you want to be parked and for how long - pretty great, right? 

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