Car parks near Camp Nou

It’s important to note that if you’re going to a soccer game, it’s best to book parking near Camp Nou in advance. This is very important, because it’s the most suitable way to guarantee a parking spot in any of the nearby car parks. This way, you’ll avoid lines and unnecessary searches for parking. Keep in mind that in this area of Barcelona, if you park your car on the street, you run the risk of being towed. And when they are sporting events, the parking area next to the stadium is restricted. Additionally, the traffic situation is quite intense during soccer games. During the week, the traffic next to the stadium is much better than the weekend. On the map, the car parks closest to Camp Nous are shown. In all these car parks near Camp Nou, you can use different services to enjoy your stay at Camp Nou with peace of mind. Also, it’s possible to select different rates depending on your specific needs. If you’re looking for parking for the next game, you can find our best offers for car parks near Camp Nou here.


Camp Nou: Soccer Stadium in Barcelona

Camp-Nou has become one of the most emblematic buildings in Barcelona. Since its inauguration in 1957, the soccer stadium has hosted many important games. This sports stadium has the largest capacity for fans in Europe and is one of the biggest in the world. If you’re visiting Barcelona and you’re a soccer fan, you can’t miss a unique experience: take the Tour Camp Nour Experience. Also, don’t worry because we offer different options for parking near Camp Nour. This tour of the most emblematic stadium in Catalonia and includes a complete tour of the most striking areas of the place, from the dressing rooms to the benches on the field. Visitors can see the stadium as if they were in the shoes of their favorite players. In addition, you’ll visit the presidential area as well as the press room, finishing in the noteworthy FC Barcelona Museum. Here we’ll see different trophies, photographs and personal items of the most emblematic players of the team. Tickets for the complete tour of the stadium cost about 23 euros for adults and 17 euros for children. Also, if you’re in Barcelona, it’s ideal to attend a soccer game in a stadium of this size. Around Camp Nou you have access to a large numbers of hotels and leisure activities that excite everybody. And only one kilometer away you can visit the famous Pedralbes Monastery. Parclick is your best choice for parking quickly and easily near Camp Nou, for going to a game as well as staying nearby. If you’re going to a game, you can find our best offers for parking near Camp Nou on game days. But if you need parking somewhere else in the city, Parclick has 100 car parks available in Barcelona, so you can choose from the most convenient one. Use the search for car parks in Barcelona and book with just one click. In many of these car parks in the city of Barcelona, you can enjoy a Multi-entry pass that lets you enter and exit the car park as many times as you want. In the case of the car park network B:SM, you can enjoy a Multi-entry pass that lets you use all car parks in the network throughout the city with a single pass. Planning parking before you arrive will help you save and improve your experience. And if your destination isn’t the city of Barcelona, remember that we can also help you park in more than 120 European cities.