Car parks near Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome

Castel Sant'Angelo, also known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian, is located in the centre of Rome, and is one of the symbols of the city. Overlooking the Tiber river, Castel Sant'Angelo, in the Borgo quarter, is just a few steps from the Vatican City, which is connected to it through the Passetto di Borgo (a raised passage).

To visit Castel Sant'Angelo during your trip to Rome, you are sure to need a parking space in the centre of Rome, where you can leave your car safely while admiring the castle and all the other points of interest in Rome. However, it is not possible to park in the immediate vicinity of Castel Sant'Angelo, as it is surrounded by the Parco Adriano garden, in an area which is traffic-free. Parking in Rome can also be quite complicated, and given the lack of free parking in the central area, booking a car park near Castel Sant'Angelo can really make your trip to Rome much more convenient and practical. With Parclick and with your car park booking in Rome, you will always have a guaranteed parking space, so you won't waste even a minute's time during your visit to Castel Sant'Angelo.

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To get to Castel Sant'Angelo you can also use different city bus lines such as 23, 34, 40, 81, 280, 492, 982 and N10, all of which stop near the Piazza Adriana square.

Castel Sant’Angelo

Castle and museum a few steps away from Vatican City

Castel Sant'Angelo is a historic fortress, although its original function was that of the Mausoleum. Built by the emperor Hadrian in 125, it was converted into a fortress in 403, when the emperor of the West, Honorius, joined it to the Aurelian Walls. Castel Sant'Angelo is currently owned by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage which has converted it into a museum.

Once you have purchased your ticket you can visit the whole museum of Castel Sant'Angelo, admiring also a beautiful view of Rome from the high Terrazza dell'Angelo.

As a public museum, Castel Sant'Angelo is often the scene of cultural events such as exhibitions, opera performances, classical music concerts and theatrical performances.

In addition, Castel Sant'Angelo is located in a privileged location, a short walk from the historic centre, which can be reached by crossing the Tiber river on the Ponte Sant'Angelo bridge, and also a few metres from the Vatican City. This way, from your car park near Castel Sant'Angelo you can visit not only the museum, but also the most emblematic places of Rome and the Vatican, such as the famous St. Peter's Square, the Vatican Museums, the Via Cola di Rienzo street and the Piazza Navona square.

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