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Where to park in Agut

Agut is a restaurant that has remained true to its style since it opened in 1924.  It is a restaurant of traditional cuisine that recalls the typical brasserie and where you can taste the oldest dishes of Catalan cuisine. This restaurant in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter is a choice destination for wine lovers, as you will find a wide variety of this delicious beverage so popular around the Mediterranean.

It is true that its age has also meant that this premises has seen a city like Barcelona grow in its surroundings, so that today it is located in the centre of the Catalan metropolis. As you can already imagine, parking in the centre of Barcelona can be very difficult. At Parclick, we recommend that you book your parking space in advance near the Agut restaurant, so that when you park in Barcelona you will have the very best experience! ;)

Agut is located in the district of Ciutat Vella, near the port and is well-known for the number of traditional restaurants that occupy the area. That is to say, if the dishes served are not without displeasing the gourmets who pass through this restaurant, why not also go to the 7 Portes, Los Caracoles or Can Culleretes? You will leave inevitably satisfied!

During that time, we will take care of guaranteeing your place so that you can park your car in complete safety and so that you can treat yourself to these delicious dishes. Have a look at our car parks in the neighbourhood and savour a mouth-watering meal at one of these restaurants. Book now your parking space in Barcelona and take advantage of the attractive prices and their proximity! This way, you will ensure the best in your interest and in that of your car ;)