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Car parks near the Casino de Paris

Planning to visit this famous concert hall in Paris’ 9th Arrondissement? Well we have some great news for you! Book you parking with Parclick so that you’re not constrained to Paris’ 2 hour parking limit!

The Casino de Paris is located on the rue de Clichy, near the La Trinité Church and the Place d’Estiennes-d’Orves. You’ll also be able to find the Théâtre de Paris and the Grande Comédie - two other famous Parisian theatres. So you can see that there’s lots to do, and perhaps even more people who all have to find somewhere to park - so be smart and book your space in advance!

The Casino de Paris

Fun and opulence in the 9th Arrondissement 

The Casino de Paris started out in the 1730s, under the watchful eye of the Duke of Richelieu; over time it has changed its purpose - being an ice rink, a cinema, a fair and a music hall. Nowadays, it hosts plays, concerts, musicals!

The Casino is divided into three spaces: the main hall (which has a capacity of upto 2000 spectators), the Napoleon III lounge and a restaurant. The Napoleon III lounge is a chic venue for up to 600 people, and really does ooze style and sophistication. This venue is very opulent, characterised by beautiful chandeliers, light fixtures , mirrors and its distinctive gold and red interior. It really is something special. 

If you’re in the area and do enjoy a good theatre, may we also recommend heading over to the Grande Comédie or the Théâtre de Paris, which are also located on the Rue de Clichy. So they’re less than 10 minutes away walking via the Rue Saint-Lazare or the Rue d’Amsterdam - you can also get to the Saint-Lazare train station

Finally, you will find several metro stations near this famous theatres: Liège (line 13) and Trinité d'Estiennes d'Orves (line 12). And if you're looking for somewhere to park in this area Parclick offers several great value car parks in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. So it’s  pretty perfect, right? 

So don’t miss the start of the show just because you couldn’t find anywhere to park! Book your parking in the 9th arrondissement now :) 

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