Car parks near Eurovision Song Contest 2018

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Car parks near Eurovision Song Contest 2018

It’s like marmite…you either love it or you hate it. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about the most incredible, the fabulous EUROVISION SONG CONTEST! Now, we know it’s not for everyone but it’s important that we let you know…if you’re going to attend the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, have you considered how many people will be trying to find a parking space?! Yeah, the truth is you won’t be the only one trying to park! We have the solution for you. Parclick offers you various car parks near the Altice Arena. So don’t lose another minute stressing, book your car park near the Altice Arena in Lisbon with Parclick!

Eurovision Song Contest 2018

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The Eurovision Song Contest has been the longest-running annual international TV song competition, since it started in 1956. This year, the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 finals will be held on the 12th May in the Altice Arena, Lisbon, since Portugal won it in 2017 with Salvador Sobral. Each year the winner of the contest becomes the host country for the following year.

It is well known that the weirder the performance is…the higher it will rank on the leader board. A night of strange costumes, rogue dance moves and questionable songs represented by different European countries…what’s not to love?! Ok we know that not everyone loves it, but if you are a loyal fan and do happen to be going you should get your parking sorted before you go! You can do this with Parclick.

Check out our car parks near the Altice Arena in Lisbon to see where you can leave your car while you enjoy one of the craziest events of the year! The Altice Arena has a capacity of up to 20,000…so don’t forget to book your space with Parclick and join the party! 

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