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    1. Closer

    SABA Villa Borghese

    Covered (2.1m)
    4 min (223m)

    MUOVIAMO Veneto

    Covered (2.2m)
    4 min (249m)

    MUOVIAMO Sardegna

    Covered (2.2m)
    7 min (440m)

    MUOVIAMO Pinciano

    Covered (3m)
    7 min (440m)

    MUOVIAMO Abruzzi

    Covered (2.1m)
    8 min (478m)

    Parking Colonna

    Covered (2.1m)
    15 min (888m)

    Parking Esedra - Roma Termini

    Covered (2.7m)
    15 min (893m)

    MUOVIAMO Roma Termini

    Covered (3m)
    19 min (1.1km)

    Garage Bertollini

    Covered (3.2m)
    21 min (1.3km)

    Royal Parking - Stazione di Roma Termini

    Covered (1.74m)
    23 min (1.4km)

    Parking Sant'Agata

    23 min (1.4km)

    MONDIAL Macro

    Covered (2m)
    25 min (1.5km)

    Parioli Parking

    Covered (2.4m)
    25 min (1.5km)

    MUOVIAMO - Car Valet - Stazione Termini

    Outdoor (3m)
    26 min (1.6km)

    Garage Parioli

    Covered (2.8m)
    27 min (1.6km)

    MUOVIAMO Parioli

    Covered (2m)
    27 min (1.6km)

    Garage Termini

    Covered (3m)
    28 min (1.7km)
    1. Cheaper

    Luciani Parking - Parioli

    Covered (2.15m)
    28 min (1.7km)

    Autorimessa Castro Pretorio

    Covered (3m)
    29 min (1.7km)

Where to park in Hotel Splendide Royal

The Hotel Splendide Royal is located in the centre of Rome, in Via di Porta Pinciana, which you can easily reach by car from Via del Muro Torto, Piazzale Brasile and Corso Italia.

The Hotel Splendide Royal is the ideal 5-star hotel if you are planning a trip to Rome and want to stay in a luxurious hotel in the heart of Rome. From the Hotel Splendide Roya, you can walk to some of the main points of interest in Rome, such as the nearby Villa Borghese and Piazza di Spagna. Once you arrive at the hotel, Parclick recommends that you leave your car in a nearby car park.

There are several car parks at the Hotel Splendide Royal that Parclick has to offer, allowing you to make a quick and cheap reservation in a car park in Rome. Similarly, upon arrival you will have no problem to park your vehicle near the Hotel Splendide Royal.

Leave your car in a guarded car park a few steps from your hotel and discover the wonders of Rome on foot or using public transport. Booking online a parking space in the centre of Rome with Parclick is also the best way to avoid getting fined if for example you accidentally access the large ZTL (Traffic limited zone) of Rome.

Parking at the Hotel Splendide Royal

Places of interest in the surroundings

As we mentioned earlier, the Hotel Splendide Royal is surrounded by many points of interest, thanks to its proximity to the historic centre of Rome.

In less than a 10 minute-walk from this 5-star hotel in Rome, you can walk along Via Vittorio Veneto, or visit the famous Trevi Fountain and the Quirinale Palace.

Another option is to move around Rome by public transport, as in a few minutes’ walk from the Hotel Splendide Royal you will arrive at Barberini station, from where the metro line A runs, which is ideal to quickly reach the Vatican City, Piazza del Popolo and also Roma Termini Station.

Enjoy your trip to Rome while staying at this chic hotel, and don't forget to book your parking space at the Hotel Splendide Royal in advance, with Parclick.

If you have chosen a different hotel in Rome for your trip, check the map and find out what are the parking alternatives that Parclick has to offer!

Points of interest near Hotel Splendide Royal in Rome

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