Car parks near the place de la Bourse and the Palais Brongniart

Are you going by car to the place de la Bourse in Paris? It is located near the core of Paris, in an area where it is a very difficult task to park, unless you already know where to park…. In which case, Parclick has the solution!

Parclick offers to reserve a cheap parking space in the best car parks in Paris, especially near la place de la Bourse and the Brongniart Palace, in the 2nd arrondissement. Not only are you a few minutes away from your destination, but on top of that, you are avoiding the many disadvantages of parking on the road:

  • Staggering prices (post-parking package)
  • The scarcity of places (the proximity of the Opéra Garnier and the boulevard des Italiens only aggravates the situation)
  • The parking time is limited to 6 hours (When seeing the receipt, you will want to rethink your strategy).

All this to say that, reserving your place in a car park will make your life way easier (but the traffic jam won’t).

The Brongniart Palace 

Formerly known as the Palace of la Bourse

Built during the first quarter of the 19th century, the Brongniart Palace is an impressive building, located on the place de la Bourse, which can be distinguished by its neoclassical style. The name of this building originates from the architect who designed it: Alexandre-Théodore Brongniart. However, the palace was once known as the Palace of la Bourse, because it used to greet the Bourse of Paris up until 1998. In the present day, the Brongniart Palace is a space reserved for events, managed by GL events, which hosts in particular conferences, seminars, exhibitions and dinners.  

It possesses several spaces of varying sizes, including two auditoriums – the biggest one being able to greet up to 600 people – composed of 6 lounges and 9 meeting rooms.

If you are an amateur of photography, you will without doubt enjoy the huge building located on the place de la Bourse, classified as a “Monument historique”, in the neighbourhood of Vivienne (2nd arrondissement in Paris). This square is positioned at the intersection of several roads, such as the rue Réaumur, the rue de la Banque, the rue Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, the rue Vivienne, the rue de la Bourse ad the rue du Quatre-Septembre. This is without considering the most important streets that pass nearby, in particular the boulevard Montmartre, around which you will find many cafes and restaurants… and also the Grévin museum.

And, if you are craving for food, no panic, the Passage des Panoramas shopping centre is right next door.

This neighbourhood is also served by line 3 of the metro, thanks to the Bourse station which is located right on the square. From this station, you can get to the Gare Saint-Lazare and Place de la République in only a few minutes. During your visit in Paris, your car will be in safe hands, for only a small cost. Not bad right?

Overall, between the Brongniart Palace, metro station Bourse, the shopping, the restaurants and the ideally positioned car parks, the place de la Bourse is flawless location.

Quick reminder: reserve your parking space beforehand to not waste your visiting time!