Car parks near Place de la Concorde

Designed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel in 1755, very close to the Eiffel Tower is in Paris’ 8th Arrondissement. This means that this square is just to the west of the very centre means that finding somewhere to park isn’t easy. Even if you do manage to find somewhere to park, you are only allowed to stay there for a maximum of 2 hours, which isn’t really ideal if you’re planning on spending your day in Paris. Plus, the prices aren’t so reasonable either! 

So, what can you do? Well, book your parking with Parclick, of course! Take a look at the map to see the best car parks in Paris, then pick one where you want, and book your parking space for however long you may want. 

Place de la Concorde

This Place has had quite a turbulent past, first being named after Louis XV the King at the time of its creation, only for members of his family to be guillotined there some 20 years later. 

But now it seems to have put that behind it, to the west of the Place you’ll be able to find the famed Champs-Élysées, the east is the Tuileries Garden with Seine to the south. 

In the centre of the Place, you’ll be able to find a giant Egyptian obelisk decorated with hieroglyphs from the reign of the pharaoh Ramesses II, which was given as a gift to France in the 19th century. Plus the fountains are great to see too! They were built in the time of Louis-Philippe, and you might recognise them from the Devil Wears Prada, when Andrea Sachs throws her phone into them! 

Fancy zipping around Paris on public transport? Well, the Concorde metro station is right there, serving lines 1, 8 and 12 - so by parking here, you really will have the whole of Paris at your finger tips! 

Points of interest near Place de la Concorde in Paris

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