Car parks near Rambla del Mar

The Rambla del Mar de Barcelona is a floating platform that is located in the well-known area of Port Vell.

Parking near the Rambla del Mar and Port Vell is easy if you’ve already booked your parking space with Parclick. But if you haven’t, then you’re in for a surprise. Central Barcelona is notoriously tricky to find somewhere to park. On street parking in the city is divided into 2 zones, the blue zone and the green zone - and both of them have different rules depending on whether you’re a resident of the city or not, so its lots of rules to get your head around… and the prices aren’t great either. So unless you feel confident enough to avoid getting a fine, we recommend booking your parking with Parclick! 

Cruise ships set sail through the Mediterranean from here, so if you need either a short-stay or a long-term parking solution, check out Parclick’s options! 

Rambla del Mar

A floating pier on the sea

La Rambla del Mar is a well-known floating dock that link the Portal de la Pau with Port Vell.  Pretty close to this, you can go and check out Columbus monument. the After crossing the walk way, you will find a fantastic leisure area, where you can shop til’ you drop at the Maremágnum Shopping Centre. There’s loads of cafés, restaurants and more often than not, street performers. So it’s a great place for all the family!

La Rambla del Mar is very modern, despite being over 20 years old! It was built in 1994 by the same architects who built the shopping centre. It is an artificial continuation of the ‘rambla' towards the sea. It’s a great place to feel some fresh sea air after having visited the city centre, drink a copa and appreciate la vida in Barcelona! 

So to keep it simple for yourself, whether you’re wanting to be near the sea for a cold drink or are starting your long anticipated cruise from here, make it easier for yourself and book your parking with Parclick!

Points of interest near Rambla del Mar in Barcelona

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