Car parks near the Royal Theatre of Madrid

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Car parks near the Royal Theatre of Madrid in Parclick

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Car parks near the Royal Theatre of Madrid

The Royal Theatre of Madrid is located in the heart of Madrid's historic centre, in the famous Plaza de Oriente in the Spanish capital. It is one of the most important operatic theatres in the world and in Spain. To visit the Royal Theatre and the whole area of ​​the historic centre of the city, it is important to note that it is very likely that you will find yourself in a fairly jam-packed and complicated traffic flow. In addition, traffic restrictions in the area are frequent due to the growing pollution problems that are recorded in Madrid. This makes parking in a guarded car park the best option available. Parking in Madrid is something that is quite difficult. Basically, the fleet of vehicles in the city, added to the multitude of tourists that visit the city every day, is much greater than the supply of parking spaces in the area. For this reason, and to guarantee the mobility of the vehicles, parking is governed by the SER (a Spanish abbreviation) areas. That is, the Regulated Parking Service (the English meaning), which has green spaces, dedicated in particular to facilitate parking for residents of the neighbourhood and also blue spaces. In both areas it is compulsory to pay and the time is limited. However, the best thing you can do is visit the Parclick website and book a car park in the centre of Madrid. It is a cheap and convenient way to guarantee a secure car park in Madrid. On this map you can see some car parks near the Royal Palace.

The Royal Theatre of Madrid

A large-scale operatic theatre

The Royal Theatre of Madrid is the opera house in Madrid, where important opera performances take place. In addition, it is one of the most famous and prestigious opera houses in the world. In the Plaza de Oriente and in front of the Royal Palace is where you´ll find this symbolic Madrid building which is recognised in the category of Cultural Interest, as a historical monument of relevance. The history of the Royal Theatre is quite curious, since, although it was founded in 1818, it was not opened until many years later, specifically in 1850. After several years in operation, in 1925 it had to be closed due to various structural problems in the building. The theatre reopened its doors in 1966, to close again in 1988, when it underwent a reform that lasted years, until 1997. Since then and until now, the theatre has remained open, becoming a recognised prestigious point of cultural interest. To visit the Royal Theatre of Madrid you can reserve your parking space with Parclick in advance. Enter the Parclick website and find your parking lot in the centre of Madrid and in many other areas of the city.

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