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Where to park in Santa María del Mar Basilica

The Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona is located in Barcelona’s Ribera district, in the heart of the Ciutat Vella. So it’s fair to say that it’s in the centre of the Catalan capital. But as with all good things, there comes a downside, finding somewhere to park  in this prime location ain’t easy! To get your visit to this beautiful Gothic cathedral off a relaxing start, we recommend booking your parking space in advance, saving you time, hassle and money!

Ribera and the Ciutat Vella, in general, have loads of pedestrian streets and narrow streets - super cute and very historic! But once again, are you sure that your car will even fit? Plus practically the whole city is divided into zones - with fierce rivalries and centuries-old traditions - okay, we’re just kidding about that, but what is true is that they have different rules depending on whether you're in the Green Zone or the Blue Zone, parking doesn’t come cheap! Plus there’s different rules for whether you’re a resident or not, so it’s a pretty easy way to be get fined! 

Of course, the best way to enjoy a city like Barcelona is by parking with Parclick, which you can conveniently reserve from the online application. On the map we show you some of the car parks available near the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar.

Your one stop shop for Gothic Catalan architecture 

Basilica Santa Maria del Mar The Basilica Santa Maria del Mar is located in Ribera. It’s really close to the well-known Born area, and where there are loads of other cultural sites, which are all well worth visiting. Now, what strikes us about this Basilica is that it’s big, grand and above all - pretty darn impressive! So of course we recommend a visit. Building started in 1329 and the works, commissioned to Berenguer de Montagut and Ramón Despuig were finished by 1383. The Catalan Gothic style of the Basilica is the very essence of this architectural style. But, you may be asking youself, ‘what is this illusive Gothic Catalan architecture?’ Well think wide spaces, with very high ceilings and impressive horizontal lines. 

The church was one of Gaudí’s pieces of inspiration for the Sagrada Familia, plus if you really want to get a feeling for what has happened in this ancient space, as well as more detail on its design and style choices, then we highly recommend purchasing an audioguide - if you want to know more, it’s well worth it! 

So if you are planning to visit the Basilica Santa Maria del Mar, you can book your parking space in Barcelona with Parclick and you can also take a stroll through a neighbourhood as charming as the Ribera.

Santa María del Mar Basilica