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I´m sure that you are tired of seeing American films showing how nice it is to have a park in the center of the city, like Central Park in New York, but Madrid also has one, Retiro Park. Open from 6 in the morning to 00:00 during April to September and from 6 in the morning until 22:00 in October through March, the park is located very close to the Paseo del Prado and the Puerta de Alcalá.

Retiro is also a pilgrimage place for avid tourists who are looking to admire monuments and statues. The five access doors to the park are worthy of being seen and among all the buildings in the park, the Crystal Palace stands out with its transparent walls that seem to be taken from a poem. Other highlights include the Real Astronomical Observatory, the Velázquez Palace and the Shrine of San Pelayo and San Isidoro, that although it is not entirely there, it is very interesting to see the mountain of stone that remains.

The only negative aspect of Retiro is that the park is so big and there is so much to see and you have to choose wisely the door that you enter or you will have a dizzy spell trying to remember where you entered. At Parclick, we give you the option to choose the best parking spot close to El Retiro out of our wide range of offers so you can leave your car in good hands during your visit to the park.        

El Retiro Park

The Pond, a jumble

One of the main attractions in El Retiro Park is The Pond, where you can take a romantic boat outing (if you don´t have a significant other, you can be accompanied by solidarity, which will never abandon you). The most eye-catching aspect of this small lake situated in the middle of Madrid is what they found when they emptied it in 2001.

Underneath the water, there were 192 chairs, 40 sunken boats, 41 tables, 20 waste bins, 9 wooden benches, 3 trash containers, 19 government fences, 50 cell phones, various shopping carts, beach umbrella supports and skateboards that appeared. Until now, everything sounds normal, but there was a genius that threw an empty vault into the lake. Who in his right mind would do that? What were you doing with a vault in a park? They also discovered a gum dispensing machine, which had begun to break down and a duck wing. Finally, they found urns with ashes. People went to the pond to spread their loved ones´ ashes.

You can discover these and many more secrets of Retiro while enjoying the park without worrying about your car, since, thanks to Parclick your vehicle is in a monitored garage for as much time as you need. 

Points of interest near El Retiro in Madrid

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