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If you enjoy being outside in the summer heat, you should plan a trip to Barcelona. Just think of all the stellar beaches that surround this coastal Spanish town. If you are more of a pool person, Catalonia Magdalenes has you covered with an outdoor pool and sun terrace for guests. This hotel not only has a great location, but also offers amazing amenities for you to relax on a weekend getaway or a long vacation.

Situated in the middle of the city, the Catalonia Magdalenes is in the well-known Ciutat Vella. This vibrant district of Barcelona is the perfect place to stay for those interested in cuisine, shopping and culture. You cannot get tired of all the things to do around the Condal City!

As Barcelona is recognized for its historic monuments, if you plan a trip to this sunny town, it is important to be close to the tourist attractions. Catalonia Magdalenes provides just that for you, as it is only 201 meters from the famous Portal de l’Angel and 600 meters from the incredible Picasso Museum. With these and other must-see places nearby the hotel, you won´t have to fight the Barcelona traffic to get where you want to go.

Park near the Catalonia Magdalenes hotel and enjoy Barcelona like a native: on foot or by public transportation. Parclick helps you find the best car parks at discounted rates so you don´t have to worry about circling the narrow streets to find a scarce street parking spot. You can go on the Parclick website now and have a guaranteed parking space in the center of Barcelona in two minutes. Then, go outside and soak up the sun in this stunning city and you don´t have to think about your car again until the end of your vacation.

Catalonia Magdalenes

An unbeatable location

During a vacation, nothing can be worse than being far away from things to do. Luckily, if you stay at the Catalonia Magdalenes hotel, you will not miss a second of exploring the many points of interest in Barcelona. With popular landmarks like the Tivoli Theater, Reial Plaza and Casa Batllo located within easy walking distance, you can leave the hotel and not have to worry about breaking a sweat just to get to these amazing places.

The best thing that you can do is leave your car in a monitored car park in the center of Barcelona. This way, you can enjoy your entire trip without having to think about driving around the city and trying to search for parking spaces. Park your vehicle and forget it with Parclick. On the interactive map on Parclick´s website, you will be able to find a car park based on location and price and choose how long you want to park your car – whether for just a few days or for two weeks! Plan ahead and use Parclick to fully experience Barcelona like a local. 

Points of interest near Catalonia Magdalenes in Barcelona

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