Find parking near Paseo del Prado

The Paseo del Prado is one of those places in Madrid that make the Spanish capital seem like a magical city. This small avenue become known as the Fount of Cultural Interest, since walking through the boulevards of the Prado and enjoying the façades of the city is a unique cultural experience to appreciate.  

One of the principle attractions of the Paseo del Prado, besides strolling through the trees that line the street, is being surrounded on all sides by amazing architecture. The Ritz and Palace hotels are built to impress and, if you decide to spend your monthly salary, you can drink coffee in one of their fabulous terraces.

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Paseo del Prado

One of the most visited museums in the world

The main attraction of the Paseo del Prado is a museum of the same name. It is one of the most visited in the world, ranking 12th, and it Is one of those places that every art lover has to visit. Among some of the works that you can find in the Prado Museum were created by artists such as Goya, Rembrandt, El Greco and Rubens. Here, you can see one of the most characteristic Spanish works of art, Las Meninas by Velázquez.

On the other hand, if nature is more your thing than art, the Botanical Garden Real is situated right next to the museum and it is a sight you need to see. It is a cutting-edge center for investigations in the plant world and you can visit. Within the garden, you will find green vegetation interspersed with colorful plants.

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