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Find parking near Plaza de la Alfalfa

Seville is a city of plazas, terraces, tapas and in the Plaza de la Alfalfa, you can find all of these. It is one of the preferred meeting-up spots after leaving work and an absolute beehive on the weekends. Situated in the historic center of the capital of Andalusia, the plaza is one of the most traditional places in the city.

Another characteristic that you will find in this plaza is that it is not only a place to go eat tapas, but also the bars that border the space with their terraces are decorated in a typical Sevillan tavern style. That is to say, the flamenco dancers and bullfighters abound in each corner and in the bars´ menus, you can find anything from the most traditional to the most innovative to the most modern – and it´s your turn to choose your preference. Some sites with the most character are the Bar Estrella, the Café Universal, the Bar Agustín & Company and the Bodega Donaire.    

Like all good city centers where everything is located close by, Seville´s center is no different. It has a tangle of narrow streets where parking a car is not fun. Due to this challenge, your best option is Parclick. With us, you can reserve a parking space near the Plaza de la Alfalfa in the place that works best for you and you can compare the different prices and locations in our interactive map. Arrive to the plaza first and choose the best place to enjoy tapas.

Plaza de la Alfalfa

A very cultural place

Besides everything else offered in the Plaza de la Alfalfa, the space also serves as an interesting spot to immerse yourself in culture. If you enjoy the Andalusian traditions, during a walk to the Seville Cathedral you will find the Flamenco Dance Museum, where you can get to know more about the Sevillan folklore. Also, you can pass by the Casa Natal de Velázquez and stroll through the streets where the famed painter took his first steps.

Enjoy a complete experience in one of the areas with the most history and joy in Seville, forgetting about your car and leaving it parked in a car park that you found with Parclick. It will only take you two minutes to make an online reservation for a parking space near the Plaza de la Alfalfa and you can leave your car there for as long as you need. 

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