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Moving around and Parking in Bordeaux

Car parks near Moving around and Parking in Bordeaux

Moving around and parking in Bordeaux is by no means easy. Which roads to use? On which days? Where to park? Parclick can help you to understand where to park in Bordeaux, offering you the best car parks in Bordeaux with everything that you need.

Over the last few years, Bordeaux has upgraded its public transport and all the alternative modes of travel; encouraging the use of bicycles, building, with a view to expanding, 3 different trams lines and much more.

The truth is, using a car is not the best way to get around the historical centre of Bordeaux, but it is much more practical and safe to leave it in one of our car parks in Bordeaux; let us explain why!


The puzzle that is traffic in Bordeaux


Pedestrian zones and car-free days


Getting around the centre of Bordeaux by car can be a difficult task. You will often see the roads next to the river (Quais) or the Pont de Pierre with the traffic at a standstill during peak times. The roads in the historical centre in Bordeaux are often narrow or one-way (like in the San Pierre district), and sometimes the tram lines cross over them (lines A and B in particular). Travelling by car can often be a serious challenge.

In other areas you will be forced to find a route passed the pedestrian zone in the centre of Bordeaux through the permanently busy roads, full of traffic lights that would test anyone’s patience.

Bordeaux is full of completely pedestrianised streets; the Cours de l’Interndance and Rue Sainte Catherine make up the main part of the car-free zone.

That is not all; to encourage the use of alternative vehicles in the centre of Bordeaux, the local government has established Journée sans voiture (car-free days), every first Sunday of each month (excluding August).

During these days vehicles are not allowed between 10:00 and 18:00, 10:00 and 19:00 in March and October.


Parking in the centre of Bordeaux


As you might imagine, parking in the centre of Bordeaux is also a bit complicated. There is no hope of finding a free parking space on the street, seeing as they don’t exist.

There are two park and pay zones in Bordeaux; zone A and zone B:

  • Zone A is right in the historical centre of Bordeaux, around the pedestrian zone, from Place des Quinconces to Cours d’Alsace-Lorraine, on one part of the Quais (Quai Louis XVI, Quai du Maréchal Lyautey and Quai Richelieu) up to Place Bir-Hakeim. Seeing as it is the closest to the centre of Bordeaux, it is the most expensive, at €2.50 an hour.
  • Zone B includes most of the city inside the boundary of the Boulevards, and extends to a part of the Rive Droite. An hour of parking in zone B costs €1.80.

In both these park and pay zones, the maximum stay is two hours. This rule applies from 09:00 to 19:00, every day except Sunday and national holidays.

As if this wasn’t enough, the parking spaces are impossible to find!


The solution to parking in Bordeaux


The best strategy, if you want to go to Bordeaux by car, is to leave your car in a private car park. Parclick recommends a few guarded car parks in the centre of Bordeaux. Our car parks in Bordeaux are ideal, because they are nice and close to the main points of interest in the heart of the city, such as Place de la Bourse, the Quinconces, Catedral Saint André and even Gare Saint Jean.

Our car parks have many advantages, as well as saving you money; they are under surveillance and open 24 hours a day and are equipped with disabled access.

If you need to get into the centre, it is easy to catch line 3 of the tram, alternatively, you can take the bus from Quinconces.

Book your car park in the centre of Bordeaux now. When you arrive you won’t have to worry and you can go directly to your reserved parking space, which, thanks to Parclick, is always guaranteed!

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