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Paris: traffic, parking and car parks in Parclick

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Paris: traffic, parking and car parks

It is advisable to find out about parking conditions in the capital beforehand if you are planning on getting to Paris by car. The fact is that driving in Paris with your own vehicle and even parking is rather difficult.

Fortunately, Parclick is there to assist you!


Using your car in the city of Paris

In addition to its classic holdups, accidents, blocked streets due to road works, demonstrations or events, (such as the Bois de Vincennes half-marathon), the city of Paris is also faced with a challenge which is particularly important: pollution.

In order to combat it, certain areas prohibit the use of vehicles  for part of the day on Saturdays or Sundays or even throughout the weekend, on a weekly basis. The time periods during which this regulation is normally enforced usually falls between the hours of 10 am to 6 pm, although it may occasionally be enforced during morning hours or in the afternoon.  This exercise is carried out on the behalf of the "Paris Respire" operation. It is worth nothing  that in summer, more areas organize this driving restriction. Affected zones include quais des berges de la Seine opposite l'île de la Cité, quartier du Marais, that of Montmartrebois de Boulogne and Vincennes. Paying special attention during weekends is highly advisable.


Paris Respire


Moreover, during pollution peak times, the prefecture may decide to implement alternating traffic. Although this measure is rarely taken, it is no less restrictive. Under such circumstances, vehicles are authorized to travel depending on whether their license plates have either even or odd numbers; some vehicles such as electric cars, those carrying over three people are exempt from such constraints; others, however are prohibited in the city-center and in the petite couronne, regardless of their licensing: vehicles of over 3.5 tons and those which lack a catalytic converter are included in this category.


Parking problems in the capital

While driving in Paris is difficult, parking itself constitutes a real challenge . Parking falls into two categories which both require payment:

  • Residential parking : This makes parking easier for residents. Parking is permitted for 7 consecutive days, excluding  national holidays. Residents also benefit from particularly advantageous rates, although a residential card (which costs €45 per annum) is required. You can consult  the city of Paris' official website  to find out more on the required procedure;
  • Visitor’s parking: also known as "rotary parking ", it is limited to two consecutive hours. The hourly rate varies between €2.40 and  €4 depending on the relevant zone.

Zones de stationnement à Paris


On the other hand, there are two kinds of lanes in Paris:

  • mixed lanes: Parking must be paid from 9 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday ; it is however free on Sundays and on national holidays. The two kinds of parking, residential and visitors’ parking are authorised ;
  • rotary lanes : Parking must also be paid from Monday to Saturday. Only visitor parking is permitted. ]


Paris’ Restricted Driving Zone

Another problem you would have to consider if you are planning to drive or park in the capital is the presence of a restricted traffic zone within Paris which came into effect on 15th January 2017. Click on the ZCR de Paris link which has been provided to find out more about it .


Solving your parking space concerns : simpler and more secure

As can be seen , parking in Paris is a delicate issue. Visitors Parking can quickly turn out to be really expensive without mentioning constraints involving time limits, the difficulty of finding a spot and even the safety of your vehicle.

Thanks to Parclick, you will be able to park with ease. All you have to do is go to our website and search for our available car park spaces in Paris. You will be able to compare our different offers based on their location, prices and services provided.

Once you have chosen the parking space which is the best suited to your needs, all you have to do is book it!

Where necessary, the abundance of transport services provided, from the metro to  Vélib,  will ensure you are able to reach your destination from your parking space.  As a result, you will be able to park with a minimum of fuss on your arrival in Paris, thanks to Parclick, without risking any fines, or worrying about a lack of parking spaces, for as long as you need to. Take advantage of our car park spaces in Paris  right away!

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