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    BSM La Boquería

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    Parking Ciutat Vella

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    SABA BAMSA Illa Raval

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    El Nou Raval

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    Riera Alta

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    Garaje Carretas

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    SABA BAMSA Plaça Catalunya

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    SABA BAMSA Plaça Castella

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    SABA BAMSA Paral.lel

    Covered (2.1m)
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    SABA BAMSA Urgell - Tamarit

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    BSM Mercat de Sant Antoni

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    SABA Catedral

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    Parking Urgel - Floridablanca

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    INDIGO Tres Chimeneas - Mata

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    NN Borrell

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    SABA BAMSA Francesc Cambó

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Where to park in Library of Catalonia

The Biblioteca de Catalunya (Library of Catalonia) in Barcelona is the headquarters of the autonomous community library. It is located in the district of Ciutat Vella, on Hospital Street number 37 and occupies the premises of a former hospital in the area.

Parking in Barcelona is quite complicated, especially if the place you are heading to is in the old town area of ​​the city. In this perimeter, there are numerous pedestrian streets that facilitate the movement of tourists, so if you have decided to drive around here you are likely to encounter traffic restrictions.

To park in the centre of Barcelona you can choose to look for a parking space in the blue or green area. These are regulated parking areas in which it is difficult to locate a free space. However, if there is a place to park in Barcelona and it is in one of these areas, it will be obligatory to pay the corresponding rate and move the vehicle after the allowed period. In case of skipping the rules, in this sense, a fine is guaranteed.

For this reason, the best option to explore the centre of Barcelona and the areas of cultural interest, such as the Library of Catalonia, is to park in one of the guarded car parks that Parclick proposes. Parclick has the best and cheapest car parks in Barcelona. You just have to visit the Parclick web application and find the car park that best suits your needs. The reservation can be made online.

Library of Catalonia in Barcelona

Open to the public since 1914

The Library of Cartalonia was opened in Barcelona in 1907 and was located in the Palace of the Generalitat de Catalonia. However, it was not officially opened to the public until 1914.

This autonomic library of Catalonia began to grow considerably since its opening, so the city council, in 1931, gave the buildings of what was the Hospital of the Holy Cross in Barcelona to house the library.

The Library of Catalonia is located in this famous 15th century historical building and occupies the entire space, approximately 8,000 square metres. The bibliographic fund that it has is superior to the three million copies.

Although its main headquarters are in the building of the old hospital, located in the Ciutat Vella, the library also has another headquarters outside this place.

If you are going to visit the Library of Catalonia and enjoy the magic of historical books, the best thing you can do is to book parking with Parclick and live a different experience in the centre of Barcelona.

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