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    URBIS PARK Marché Saint-Germain

    Covered (1.9m)
    4 min (234m)
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    INDIGO Saint-Germain des Prés

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    6 min (357m)

    INDIGO Saint-Sulpice

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    SAEMES École de Médecine

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    INDIGO Place Saint-Michel

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    10 min (595m)

    INDIGO Harlay Pont Neuf

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    10 min (607m)

    INDIGO - Louvre Samaritaine

    Covered (1.9m)
    11 min (664m)

    INDIGO Bac Montalembert

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    11 min (671m)

    INDIGO Lutèce-Cité

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    INDIGO - Sèvres Babylone

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    14 min (838m)
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    INDIGO Louvre

    Covered (1.9m)
    14 min (859m)

    INDIGO Soufflot-Panthéon

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    16 min (965m)

Where to park in The Delacroix Museum

Between circles, squares and triangles, you can  choose the Delacroix Museum!

The Eugène Delacroix Museum is the place to go!

Let's go, you're almost ready to go, you only need one last thing, a parking space in the 6th arrondissement to go and discover the museums of Paris!


Eugène Delacroix Museum

A workshop museum

You will be immersed in the artist's former flat where you can appreciate the works of Eugène Delacroix and his admirers.

What painting is more mythical than that of La Liberté guiding the people? To go and see it, you will have to go to the Louvre Museum which is only 15 minutes away on foot. But to discover the other works of Eugène Delacroix and his collection, you can go and visit the Eugène Delacroix National Museum where you will find Roméo et Juliette au tombeau des Capulets as well as the Portrait of Eugène Delacroix by Thales Fielding.

The Eugène Delacroix Museum takes part in various cultural events in Paris such as the FIAC, Paris Face Cachée, the Nuit des Musées and the Fête de la Musique.

Opening hours of the Eugène Delacroix National Museum

To reserve your parking space near the Eugène Delacroix Museum, the best thing is still to know what time you can get there!

The museum is open every day of the week from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, except Tuesdays.

You don't have time to go at these times? Then take advantage of the Delacroix Museum's nocturnal opening every first Thursday of the month, it is open until 9pm.

A bit of advice: if you plan to go to the Louvre Museum, you can buy a twin ticket with the Delacroix Museum and visit it for free the same day or the next day.

One last joke: don't miss out on the Eugène Delacroix Museum and reserve your parking space in Paris in advance to visit it in peace and quiet!

Points of interest near The Delacroix Museum in Paris

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