Park near the Hotel Canal Grande in Venice

Hotel Canal Grande is located in the Santa Croce district, closest to the mainland and an ideal district to stay in if you want to be near the Grand Canal. You´ll be pleased to know that from the hotel, you get a beautiful view of the Grand Canal, so you´re really as near to it as you can get!

The Santa Croce district includes the Piazzale Roma, which is the only part of the city where you can park your car. Equally, for something a bit cheaper, you can choose to park your car in Venezia Mestre and then take a bus or train to the centre.

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Parking near the Hotel Canal Grande

A luxury 4-star boutique hotel

The Hotel Canal Grande has a rich classical design, whilst also having a modern feel to it. It´s in the perfect central location, right next to the Grand Canal – so you are able to sit on the terrace and enjoy a warm cup of coffee with a view. In fact, the hotel has its own private dock, so you will arrive by private water taxi or gondola…very fancy!

The service at this hotel is amazing, you can even book theatre and event tickets there directly. Being in Venice, you won´t be short of things to do, and we recommend you take a gondola on the Grand Canal while you stay here! What better way to remember your trip to Venice?

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