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Where to park in Santa Maria della Salute

The Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute (English: Saint Mary of Health), is an extraordinarily beautiful example of Venetian Baroque architecture, designed by Baldassarre Longhena. It is located in the Dorsoduro district of Venice and rises up from Punta della Laguna (English: Tip of the Lagoon), the triangle of land that overlooks the Grand Canal and the basin of San Marco. Are you looking for a parking space near Saint Mary of Health? Then Parclick can help you! You can find the most suitable car parks on the map of Venice. The Basilica is not reachable by car, as are the majority of places in Venice, given the lack of roads, but it can be reached either on foot, or by boat. Therefore Parclick advises you to park either in Piazzale Roma, the last reachable spot by road for the lagoon, or in Venezia Mestre, on the mainland, where you can reach the city centre at Santa Lucia Station in a few minutes by train, or by bus crossing the bridge that connects Venice to the mainland. Once you have chosen your place near Saint Mary of Health, which best suits your needs, you can reach the Basilica thanks to the numerous public steamboats that set sail from Piazzale Roma and dock in the area, such as the Line 6.

One of the most beautiful churches in Venice

Consecrated in 1687, the minor Basilica of Saint Mary of Health, also known by its shorter name La Salute (English: The Health), was erected by Venetians as a religious vow to the Virgin Mary, to thank her for freeing the city from plague in 1630. Inside the basilica, specifically in its Sacristy, you can admire the works on Titian such as Cain and Abel, San Marco on his throne, and the Descent of the Holy Spirit, as well as the famous canvas by Tintoretto, The Wedding at Cana. Both the main facade and the interior are decorated by numerous sculptures and statues by Tommaso Rues. If you’re visiting Venice, you cannot miss this wonderful church! Book your parking space now, near Saint Mary of Health with Parclick, it’s easy, practical and fast.

Santa Maria della Salute