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Fancy chilling out in plain view of the Eiffel Tower? Maybe a picnic in the summer on the grass, or a walk through this beautiful 24.5 hectare public gardens in the centre of Paris? 

Sounds like the perfect way to indulge in a bit of green and get away from the city for a few brief hours, right? But what about your car… where are you going to park it? Now parking in Paris, especially this central, isn’t easy and even if you do manage to find an on street parking space, you can only park there for a maximum of 2 hours… which is hardly ideal, right?

What’s the solution? Booking your parking in advance with Parclick of course! Get your day in Paris off to the best possible start, and what better way then to have somewhere to park saved just for you. 

Champs de Mars 

Lovely green space in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower

With the world famous Eiffel Tower to the the north west of this park and the École Militaire to the south east, this park is quite literally surrounded by some of the most famous monuments in the world. The park is largely symmetrical, so its all very French! 

History lesson time! This patch of land did have humble beginnings, it started off as allotments, where people would go food to survive, the excess of which would be sold at market. But that all changed in 1765, when it became military grounds. It was also the place where Jacques Charles and the Robert Brothers launched the world’s first hydrogen balloon in 1783. Plus, after the French Revolution, this was the main venue for the main celebrations, as well as countless Expositions Universelles. So, it’s fair to say that this former allotment has seen a fair bit during its time!

We recommend taking a picture at the Wall of Peace, which is in the gardens. If you take your picture just right, you can beautifully frame the Eiffel Tower - reminding us all to live peacefully. 

In the mood for even more gardens? How about the Jardins du Trocadéro, it’s really pretty. Or how about the Musée du quai Branly… or even the Paris Aquarium! Want to go a bit further afield? No problem! There’s the École Militaire (metro line 8), Champ de Mars-Tour Eiffel (RER line C). So, you can see Paris in all its entirety! 

Get your trip off to the best possible start in Paris by booking your parking with Parclick!

Points of interest near Champ-de-Mars in Paris

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