Parking close to the Columbus Monument in Barcelona

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Parking close to the Columbus Monument in Barcelona in Parclick

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Parking close to the Columbus Monument in Barcelona

The Columbus Monument in Barcelona is found in the Plaza del Portal de la Paz, in the Ciutat Vella district. In this area, parking is difficult, because it’s the area with the most regulated parking in Barcelona. Also, it’s common to find streets with restricted access, including a number of pedestrian walkways. If you’re planning a visit to the Columbus Monument area, keep in mind that street parking is a challenge. The few available spots are usually reserved for residents or are paid-only. The blue area is paid-only and you can only leave your car for up to four hours. After this period, you must move your car to give the parking opportunity to other drivers. However, the green area, reserved for neighborhood residents, usually allows you to park for up to two hours, if you’re not a resident card user. If you come across white spots, you should know that they’re intended for motorcycles and you can’t park there with another kind of vehicle. Not following these rules entails a fine. Therefore, a good solution is to reserve a parking spot with Parclick, because Parclick has the best and most affordable car parks in Barcelona. On the map, you can see monitored car parks close to the Columbus Monument.

Columbus Monument in Barcelona

A tribute to the explorer

The Columbus Monument in Barcelona is sculpture located in the Ciutat Vella, in front of the port of Barcelona. The sculpture consists of four different parts: a circular base, which houses numerous art works, a circular column, a semi-circle and the statue of Columbus. The maker of this sculpture was architect Gaietà Buïgas i Manravà, in collaboration with a number of artists in charge of different elements of the work. The construction of the Columbus Monument started in 1881 and was created as a tribute to Christopher Columbus, who chose the port of Barcelona for his return after completing his journey to America in 1492. The inauguration of the monument was on June 1, 1888, for the World’s Fair, which Barcelona hosted that year. The monument was built where the Las Ramblas meet the Paseo de Colón and were part of the improvement projects along the Barcelona coast at the time. Inside its impressive column, there’s an elevator, which allows visitors and tourists to go up to the semi-circle to see the views of Barcelona. In total, this statue is 57 meters high and is known as a cultural heritage site (Bien de Interés Local). The Columbus Monument is a must-see if you’re traveling to Barcelona and on Parclick, we offer a number of nearby car parks so you can enjoy your stay in the city. 

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