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Parking in the RCDE Stadium

The RCDE Stadium, popularly known as Cornellá-El Prat Stadium, is the home ground of the Royal Spanish Sports Club of Barcelona. It was opened in 2009 with a friendly match against Liverpool and has a capacity of 40,500 spectators. The access door (number 21) is called Dani Jarque Door in tribute to the renowned footballer of the club, who played his last game at the opening of the new ground and who died soon after.

The stadium is located between the towns of Cornellá de Llobregat and El Prat de Llobregat. But despite the fact that the stadium is located 12 kilometres from the centre of Barcelona, ​​it is considered the Barcelona team´s stadium.

If you´re planning to attend one of this team´s matches, think about all the people who are going to drive to see the sport. So you either arrive ten hours early or you are bound to find problems parking on the street. So we suggest you book your parking space next to the stadium with Parclick, so you will not have to walk or wait to see Espanyol, because with our interactive map you can choose the parking that best suits you.

Cornellá Stadium - El Prat

Football and more

Espanyol is one of the most traditional football teams in the Spanish league as it has participated in a mighty 82 Premier League games. If you want to hear a little story, the Espanyol fans are actually known as parrots from a comic strip from the early 20th century. And, after a statement by Gerard Piqué, now they also make themselves known as the wonderful minority.

But if all this information bores you and you go to 90 minutes of the game, have a beer or soda and then want to forget all about the football and move on to something else, do not worry, because this is the ideal stadium for you. Right next to the RCDE Stadium is the Splau shopping centre, where you can buy everything you want, dine or have an aperitif on one of its terraces.

You can also turn down all of the football and go directly to the mall. In this case we recommend you avoid game days, because the fuss will not be worth it, avoid about 40,000 people! It is best to arrive relaxed, without problems and enjoy the day. So, make an online reservation in just two minutes with Parclick and have your parking space under control in advance. This way you will arrive and put the car directly in the parking lot, without thinking, without problems and whenever it suits you.

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